Dina Sargeant: The Transformative Power of Exercise for Physical and Mental Health | Doing Well #16

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dina Sargeant, an expert in promoting wellness through exercise for both physical and mental health

Exercise has a profound effect on human well-being. Not only physically,  exercise can also improve your psychological health. However, incorporating exercise can be challenging for many people. Here, Dina Sargeant shares some tips to start incorporating exercise into your routine based on her own experience.

Meet Dina Sergeant

Dina Sargeant, a media and communications graduate, has been shaped by her communicative family background. Her experiences of living in different countries enriched her life with interactions that influenced her profoundly.

After graduating in media and communications, she was raised in a family that valued open communication, giving her a unique understanding of family dynamics. Her education highlighted the significance of using one’s voice to make a difference and how it impacts others. By conversing with both peers and experts on subjects she’s familiar with, she gained insights crucial for her personal development.

Dina has channeled her enthusiasm for enhancing mental health and well-being into exploring her mind and running. Notably, she has engaged in marathons in her home country. She also shares her living space with seven cats!

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Lu Ngo, Dina highlights the profound impact of exercise on overall well-being. In her view, physical and mental health are equally important parts of good health. Dina highlights the effectiveness of exercise on her physical and psychological health throughout the podcast. 

Dina advocates for defining well-being to suit individual body types and encourages focusing on feeling healthy and strong rather than striving for a specific appearance. She shares how she shifted her mindset from aiming to be skinny to valuing strength and overall health. This change in perspective positively impacted her well-being, and she urged others to prioritize their health properly.

She also delves into the importance of mindset and productivity. Dina discusses how exercise has increased her energy levels and improved her productivity in daily life. She mentions the significance of maintaining a schedule and prioritizing training, even if it means cutting down on social time.

In conclusion

It is hugely beneficial for your health to take care of yourself and to find enjoyable ways to stay active. By exercising routinely, you will not only get a healthy body as well as a healthy mind and soul.

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