Dina Sargeant: Building Strong and Lasting Friendships | Self-improvement Atlas #30

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Dina Sargeant, who is a media and communications graduate with a unique background of growing up in a communicative family and living in various countries

Many individuals struggle with building and sustaining strong friendships amid busy lives, often finding it challenging to balance personal time and other commitments. It is important to understand one’s interests and discover activities that can be both individually fulfilling and enjoyed with friends.

Meet Dina Sargeant

Dina Sargeant went to Victoria University and got her Bachelor of Communication and Science in Education and is now getting her Master of Communication. During her time as an intern at ABC, she talked to many interesting people. She grew up in a family that talked to each other a lot and has lived in many places, meeting people who have had a big impact on her life.

Dina is very passionate about podcasting because of her views, experiences, and the important lessons she learned about the power of self-expression through her degree. She currently leads two LMSL podcasts: All Together, which is about family science, and Raising Parents, which is about being a parent. 

About the episode

Regarding friendship, Dina shared that being in your 20s signifies a shift from a multitude of acquaintances to cultivating a select circle of quality individuals, marking a transformative evolution in the realm of social connections. It involves deliberate choices and meaningful interactions, laying the foundation for enduring connections that withstand the test of time. This deliberate approach ensures that the bonds formed are numerous and hold a depth that contributes to personal growth and fulfillment.

As individuals juggle multiple obligations, friends will adjust their expectations of their friend’s availability accordingly. The friendships’ resilience and understanding demonstrate the ability to adapt and empathize while dealing with the challenges of adulthood.

According to Dina, people also establish boundaries about the nature of their conversations. As people age, they give more weight to constructive and necessary subjects and less weight to potentially harmful ones, such as rumors or disputes. For her, intentionally setting boundaries is a smart way to create a happy and productive atmosphere in friendships.

She also emphasized that friendships are not without their challenges. The emotional impact of losing a close friend can be devastating. In such instances, seeking feedback from other friends becomes a strategy for self-improvement and a pathway toward building stronger, more resilient relationships.

Understanding one’s preferences for solo and social activities is also essential in maintaining friendships. This self-awareness enables individuals to balance personal commitments and social engagements, ensuring a harmonious coexistence.

Dina also delved into the happiness of shared experiences. She shared that thrifting with friends is a delightful and bonding activity. For her, engaging in multiple activities throughout the day is a strategy to enhance the overall bonding experience and create lasting memories.

In conclusion

Real friendships are the bonds formed that do not focus on quantity but hold a depth that contributes to personal growth and fulfillment. It is a deliberate and evolving process where selectivity becomes a guiding principle for meaningful relationships.

Adaptability within social circles and the importance of intentional communication strategies ensure that friendships thrive despite the challenges of varying responsibilities and expectations.

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