Chris Prange-Morgan: Authentic Holiday Joy, Not Toxic Positivity | Sero Boost #42

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Chris Prange-Morgan, a renowned author, self-care advocate, and trauma-informed authenticity coach

Positivity can be taken too far, especially during the holiday season, with its culture and expectations. This episode will explore the concept of toxic positivity, how to manage it, and specific steps you can take to overcome it.

Meet Chris Prange-Morgan

Chris Prange-Morgan is the author of “Broken, Brave, and Bittersweet,” in which she delves into trauma and how it weaves with disability and parenthood. A mental health professional, she draws deeply from her personal experience as an adoptive mother and trauma survivor for her practice and publications. She has been featured in multiple channels, such as the Today Show, The Trauma Therapist Project, and more.

About the episode

The discussion began by talking about trauma, how it can shape people’s lives, and how you need to live with it.

Chris shared her perspective on toxic positivity, defining it as avoiding negative emotions and overemphasizing positive thinking, which can invalidate genuine human experiences and emotions. The human experience is full of the good and the bad; one is just as important as the other in the grand scheme of things.

Thus, she emphasized the importance of acknowledging life’s negatives and positives to achieve a more authentic sense of well-being.

Chris discussed that every extreme experience creates the realization that there are opposite emotions. Thus, the holiday season can create a sense of foreboding as people realize this will likely swing in the opposite direction.

They then covered strategies for dealing with holiday stress and maintaining mental health.

Chris suggested keeping things simple, focusing on being present and appreciating small moments of joy. She advocated for mindfulness practices to fully engage with the present and avoid the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations often amplified during the holidays. This will help you look for contentment rather than perfection.

Additionally, Chris stressed the value of gratitude and generosity. She encouraged listeners to share genuine expressions of appreciation with loved ones. The holiday season is an ideal time to practice these values, which leads to deeper, more meaningful connections and a truer sense of happiness rather than toxic positivity.

In conclusion

The holidays can ramp up the pressure to be happy and perfect all the time. People seem forced to be happy, unintentionally creating an environment for toxic positivity. To overcome this, the episode provides insights into balancing the pursuit of happiness with acknowledging life’s complexities.

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