Carrie Jane Knowles: The Concept of Stealing Time | Doing Well #48

In this episode, host Lu Ngo dives into the fascinating concept of "Stealing Time" with Award winning Author, Carrie Jane Knowles

When surrounded by the hustle and bustle of ‘the grind,’ people forget to take a few moments and get in touch with more lighthearted activities. Therefore, it’s necessary to take a rest and ‘steal’ some time to smell the flower for your well-being, which will be delved deep into by Carrie Jane Knowles in this episode.

Meet Carrie Jane Knowles

Carrie Jane Knowles is a distinguished author and champion of the arts. In 2006, she acquired a small office building in Downtown Raleigh named the Free Range Studio. This space quickly became a vibrant hub for writers and creatives. However, in 2021, Carrie decided to sell the studio to prioritize family, splitting her time between Washington, DC, and Oberlin, Ohio. Despite this change, she remains committed to her craft, contributing to her books, columns, and short stories.

Carrie’s literary accomplishments have earned her widespread recognition and acclaim. She has published a diverse array of works, including her novels Lillian’s Garden, Ashoan’s Rug, A Garden Wall in Provence, The Inevitable Past, and A Musical Affair. Additionally, she has released a collection of short fiction titled Black Tie Optional: 17 Stories, a writing workbook called A Self-Guided Workbook and Gentle Tour on Learning How to Write Stories from Start-to-Finish, and a personal perspectives column, “Shifting Forward,.”

Moreover, Carrie’s nonfiction memoir, The Last Childhood: A Family Story of Alzheimer’s, poignantly portrays her family’s journey with the disease. This heartfelt memoir has been praised for its insightful exploration of caregiving and its impact on familial relationships. Beyond her written works, Carrie’s influence extends to her role as the 2014 North Carolina Piedmont Laureate for Short Fiction. Through writing workshops conducted across five counties, she has inspired countless aspiring writers to explore their creativity and share their stories.

About the episode

Despite the fast-paced world, Carrie reminds you of the importance of well-being in this episode. She suggests that well-being isn’t just about physical health and feeling comfortable in your skin. It’s about finding inner peace and acceptance, regardless of society’s expectations or your achievements. According to Carrie, genuine well-being comes from within, not external validation or comparison.

To increase your well-being, Carrie introduces the concept of “stealing time,” which addresses the problem of feeling overwhelmed by schedules and obligations. Making space for spontaneous moments of joy and self-discovery is one solution she suggests. Instead of rigidly planning every moment, Carrie advocates embracing spontaneity and allowing yourself to explore what brings you genuine happiness.

Another challenge Carrie highlights is the pervasive presence of technology, which often hinders genuine connections and self-reflection. She offers a solution: disconnecting from technology to reconnect with yourself and others. Carrie suggests cultivating a more profound sense of well-being by putting aside your devices and engaging in face-to-face interactions.

Carrie emphasizes the importance of spontaneity as a solution to the monotony of daily life. She encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try new experiences, no matter how small they may seem. By embracing spontaneity, you can infuse your life with excitement and rediscover what truly matters to you.

Furthermore, Carrie suggests that self-awareness is key to finding fulfillment. She recommends understanding yourself better and identifying activities that bring you joy and satisfaction. Investing in self-discovery and personal growth can nurture a more profound sense of inner peace and contentment.

In conclusion

Happiness is not found in what you achieve or how busy you are; it is in the moments of joy, connection, and self-discovery you allow yourself to experience. However, getting caught up in the endless productivity cycle and external expectations can hinder your light. Therefore, Carrie Jane Knowles introduces you to ‘stealing time,’ where you need to rest, embrace spontaneity, disconnect from the constant buzz of technology, and take the time to know yourself.

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