Brandy Stayman: Holiday Nutrition — Elevating Self-Esteem | Self-improvement Atlas #42

In this episode, host Marie Stella is joined by Brandy Stayman, a registered dietitian specializing in intuitive eating, disordered eating, eating disorders, PCOS, and prenatal nutrition

Do you want to explore healthier alternatives to comfort eating during times of stress and emotional challenges? This episode sheds light on the connection between our dietary choices and our self-esteem, with insights on incorporating unexpected vegetables into holiday meals. Tune in with Marie Stella and Brandy Stayman as they delve into navigating nutrition during a season notorious for impacting self-esteem.

Meet Brandy Stayman

Brandy Stayman, a Registered Dietitian with 13 years of practice, promotes healthy food relationships. Her areas of focus include intuitive eating, disordered eating, eating disorders, PCOS, and prenatal nutrition. She is currently pursuing certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor to expand her ability to assist individuals in healing their relationship with food.

About the episode

In this special festive episode of Self-improvement Atlas, Brandy discusses personal development as an ongoing process of self-discovery, focusing on understanding strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and values to guide improvement. She defines nutrition and highlights the dynamic relationship between personal development and nutrition. She also explores how societal perceptions of food morality impact self-esteem and the misconception of “working off” holiday meals through exercise.

Brandy advises against all-or-nothing thinking and encourages acceptance of occasional indulgences. She highlights the surprising health benefits of holiday ingredients and promotes using neutral language around food to avoid negative impacts on self-esteem. She also addresses the tendency towards emotional eating during the festive season, providing insights into healthier relationships with food.

Brandy describes emotional eating as a coping strategy. She explains the influence of gut health on mental well-being. She advises against skipping meals to prevent overeating. She also encourages reframing lapses in eating habits as deviations from routine rather than undesirable behaviors. 

Brandy shares success stories of clients who improved their self-esteem through intuitive eating. She encourages listeners to enjoy holiday traditions mindfully and suggests focusing on adding healthy habits rather than restricting food intake. Brandy also promotes a positive mindset towards dietary changes.

In conclusion

In this episode, Brandy Stayman illuminates the intricate relationship between nutrition, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. By embracing holiday traditions while being mindful of food choices and incorporating new, nourishing options, individuals can navigate the festive season with positivity and empowerment, fostering a healthier relationship with food and themselves.

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