How Your Neighborhood Shapes Family Dynamics

A neighborhood is an area in a town that surrounds someone’s home or those who live there. But do you know that a neighborhood can also affect the families who live there?  Neighborhoods, as a community, can significantly impact a family’s life.

Widowhood in the Eyes of the Family

A person can be widowed due to a disease, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, or just because of old age. The United Nations calculated that there are more than 258 million widows in the world, due to armed conflict, displacement and migration,

Generational Gaps in Multigenerational Families

Generational gaps within multigenerational families can create a complex dynamic that can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. However, it can also provide opportunities for growth and learning.  A generational gap in families refers to a situation where the older and younger generations

How to Cope with Infertility as a Family

No one ever expects to face infertility, but for many couples, it is a harsh reality. Right after they hear the news, it can be an extremely difficult and emotionally charged time for both partners, as well as for their families.  Infertility

Planning a Healthy Pregnancy with the Family

Pregnancy is a wonderful event that could happen to any family. Having a new family member will always be a blessing to the family, bringing joy and happiness. But when the pregnancy happens, the mother could be stressed out, and can even