Starting Over: The Art of Remarriage

Although most would expect their marriage to last a lifetime, sometimes ‘death (or divorce) do set a couple to part.’ Losing your loved one through death or divorce is a difficult experience. Not to mention, your children or other family members left

The Vital Role of Family in Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse is a pattern of misusing substances that causes significant problems and distress. This occurs when an individual continues using a substance or drug, even when experiencing serious problems associated with its use.   Due to changes in brain structure and function,

Widowhood in the Eyes of the Family

A person can be widowed due to a disease, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, or just because of old age. The United Nations calculated that there are more than 258 million widows in the world, due to armed conflict, displacement and migration,

Family as Support System for New Parents

Becoming new parents is a major life event for many people. Albeit the joy, excitement, and pride following the transition to parenthood, new parents may find that having a baby for the first time also contributes to a wide range of negative

Generational Gaps in Multigenerational Families

Generational gaps within multigenerational families can create a complex dynamic that can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. However, it can also provide opportunities for growth and learning.  A generational gap in families refers to a situation where the older and younger generations

How to Cope with Infertility as a Family

No one ever expects to face infertility, but for many couples, it is a harsh reality. Right after they hear the news, it can be an extremely difficult and emotionally charged time for both partners, as well as for their families.  Infertility