Why Achievement is Good for Your Self-Esteem

Have you ever accomplished something that made you feel proud and accomplished? Maybe you received a promotion at work, graduated from college, or completed a personal goal. Whatever it may be, celebrating these achievements is an essential part of promoting happiness and

How Social Media Affects Your Happiness

Social media has become an integral part of modern lives, and how it has changed how people interact is undeniable. Studies have shown that online social networks can provide benefits to mental health and well-being. They can help foster meaningful connections, provide

10 Ways to Channel Anxiety Towards Growth

When facing important life events — whether it is upcoming tests or exams, the first day of school, a high-stakes meeting at work, or any other highly anticipated moments — you might be familiar with a feeling of restlessness, sweaty palms, your

The Science of Human Connection

As social creatures, humans are innately longing for connections. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people are starting to pay more attention to the need to connect with others. With pandemic restrictions and prolonged isolation in the past two years, many are sensing a