What ‘Life Satisfaction’ Truly Means

How do you feel about your life in general? Looking back, did you get most of the important things you wanted? Are you living your best life? These are some of the questions that concern life satisfaction.  People often think that happiness

Why Compassion for Colleagues Matters

Reading the word “workplace” may promote thoughts about personal growth, stressful situations, or maybe negative associations with colleagues. That is not uncommon since many employees may experience negative feelings about work, and often, it is due to interaction with colleagues. Despite the

Self-Identity: Who are You, Really?

Do you hesitate when someone asks, “How would you describe yourself?” or “Where are you going with your life?” What’s going on in your head when you hear those questions?  The answers to these life questions are strongly related to self-identity. Due

Myths and Misconceptions in Physical Health

You might have heard of some physical health misconceptions at least once. For instance, you may be familiar with the five-second rule, an X-ray causing cancer, or tilting the head back during a nosebleed.  Many people believe these myths because they are

The Perks of Having a Balanced Diet

Have you ever heard that to be healthy, we need to stop eating certain foods? Or maybe allot time reading nutrition labels and start avoiding delicious meals? We live in a world surrounded by food restrictions, and it often makes us feel

Can Physical Exercise Strengthen Your Brain?

You may have heard that physical exercise boosts body mobility, strengthens muscles, enhances longevity, and even makes someone happier. If you somehow committed to physical exercise before, you might experience these benefits. But can physical activities help you when brain fog comes?

Discovering the Message in Each Emotion

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” — Anne Frank  Imagine living without emotions. You don’t have to be worried about deadlines. No more overthinking at night about the criticism that you received during lunchtime. Or