Asst. Prof. Naciye Güliz Uğur: Digital Clutter, Its Harms, and Measures | Room by Room #15

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Dr. Naciye Güliz Uğur, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems and an experienced business & management professional.

Our homes aren’t the only things that clutter – digital devices can also show the effects. Messy files and overflowing inboxes can go unnoticed, allowing important messages to slip through the cracks. So how can we keep our digital devices clean? Let’s learn from Dr. Naciye Güliz Uğur.

Meet Naciye Güliz Uğur

Dr. Naciye Güliz Uğur is an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at Sakarya University. As an experienced business & management professional, she holds degrees in Business Informatics and Management Information Systems from Marmara University as well as a Ph.D. from Sakarya University in Management Information Systems. She has been researching how people interact with new technologies.

About the episode

In this podcast hosted by Gabriella Joustra, Dr. Uğur talked about digital clutter and how it can mess up our lives. Digital clutter means messy digital files and devices — like having too many emails or a messy desktop. Unlike physical clutter, one might overlook digital clutter, but it can cause significant problems, making it hard to find important things and even making one’s information less secure.

She explained that digital clutter is a big issue because people are getting tons of information daily from different places, which piles up. One must manage data wisely to make the most of the digital age. Unfortunately, digital clutter can make life less productive, impede searches, and cause stress.

Moreover, Dr. Uğur gave some practical tips for cleaning up digital mess. One should delete things you don’t need, give files clear names, and use helpful apps to stay organized. She warned against hoarding digital stuff and to clean up regularly to avoid a big mess.

She also warned about the cost of digital clutter — it can slow down devices and even make data less secure. She suggested keeping data safe and organizing it based on what’s important.

In conclusion

Digital clutter is a big problem that many need to think about. But by cleaning up digital mess regularly, one can avoid problems like being less productive, stressed, and even facing security issues. By following Dr. Uğur’s advice and keeping digital spaces clean and organized, one can make the most of the digital benefits and have a better, more secure digital life.

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