Andy Proctor: Correlation of Social Connectedness, Health, & Happiness | Sero Boost #44

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Andy Proctor, who is a psychology Ph.D. student and certified positive psychology practitioner

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Andy Proctor. He explores the concept of happiness as a practice, similar to yoga, and the importance of social connectedness in individual well-being. Discover ways to develop happiness skills, navigate the impact of social media, and have meaningful relationships. Listeners can expect to enhance their happiness and understand the correlation between social connectedness and well-being. 

Meet Andy Proctor 

Andy Proctor is a psychology Ph.D. student studying how social connections impact health and well-being. He is also a certified positive psychology practitioner (CAPP). His podcast, More Happy Life, has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, and Fox News. 

He is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and co-chair of the Utah Positive Psychology Association. He is on the TEDxBYU board and the research team for Eventbrite’s Social Connection Project. His work on teen well-being has been featured in USA Today, Teen Vogue, and The Hill.

About the episode

Join Andy Proctor as he discusses happiness as a practice and the significance of social connectedness. Throughout the episode, Andy defines happiness as an ongoing effort, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing joyful activities, pursuing meaningful experiences, and having positive social connections.

The conversation highlights the potential pitfalls of idealizing goals seen on social media and the importance of finding fulfillment in the process rather than solely focusing on the outcome. Andy also explores the impact of social media on well-being, cautioning against its negative effects and offering tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with digital platforms.

Andy further discusses the elements of a meaningful friendship, including vulnerability, consistency, and positivity. He emphasizes the role of both close friendships and peripheral relationships in contributing to health and happiness. The episode also addresses the balance between quality and quantity of social connections, emphasizing the importance of maintaining diverse social circles.

In conclusion

Key takeaways from this episode include viewing happiness as a practice and prioritizing activities that bring joy, recognizing the impact of social media on well-being while finding fulfillment in the journey rather than external goals, and having meaningful relationships based on vulnerability, consistency, and positivity. 

By developing happiness skills, maintaining diverse social connections, and balancing virtual and in-person interactions, individuals can cultivate their well-being and experience greater happiness in their lives. Tune in now to gain knowledge for your own happiness journey.

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