Amanda Stern: The Benefits of Journaling for Personal Development | Self-Improvement Atlas #55

In this episode, host Marie Stella is joined by Amanda Stern, a former events manager who became a journaling coach

Hectic, fast-paced lives can often leave your mind feeling overwhelmed and operating on autopilot. Learn how the simple practice of writing can guide you toward self-discovery. Tune in for a stimulating discussion on the transformative power of journaling your thoughts, feelings, and reflections.

Meet Amanda Stern

Amanda Stern is a certified life coach and journaling expert dedicated to helping individuals transform their lives through the power of journaling. She believes journaling can help people achieve their goals, improve relationships, and become their best selves. 

After overcoming personal challenges and using journaling as a tool for reflection and problem-solving, Amanda now guides others to create intentional, fulfilling lives with personalized strategies that feel good and effective.

About the episode

In this interesting episode of Self-Improvement Atlas, Amanda Stern describes personal development as a path of self-improvement through learning and growth, with journaling playing a crucial role in this journey. She highlights journaling’s versatility in reflecting on emotions, tracking progress, and gaining insights. Amanda also recounts how journaling supported her through personal struggles and enhanced her relationships and self-awareness.

Amanda discusses creative journaling approaches and stresses that journaling should be tailored to individual preferences. She suggests alternatives for those who dislike traditional writing. Amanda also emphasizes that journaling should be free from perfectionism to overcome common challenges like unrealistic expectations and self-judgment.

Amanda suggests that beginners should approach journaling with a playful and exploratory mindset. She advises trying various methods to find what resonates, setting clear goals for what you want to achieve, and adapting techniques as needed. Consistency is important, but it should be flexible to fit individual needs and preferences.

In conclusion

In this episode, Amanda explores diverse approaches to journaling. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring journaling practices to individual needs and being open to experimentation. Whether through traditional writing or alternative methods like audio or video journaling, the key takeaway is to enjoy the process and use it as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

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