Aditi Kutty: Prioritize Rest, Avoid Burnout | Doing Well #32

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Aditi Kutty, a podcast host with a journalism and screen production background

The podcast episode features host Lu Ngo and guest Aditi Kutty who used to host “Personal Science” and “Relationship Science,” at LMSL but recently left her job to focus on rest and recovery from burnout. The episode’s main topic is the relationship between rest and burnout, and both the host and guest share their experiences with severe burnout.

Meet Aditi Kutty

Aditi began her podcasting journey by recording Skype calls with her friends to review their favorite comic books. Although she has since moved away from comic books, her journalism and screen production degree has helped her refine her podcasting skills and become a more adept host. 

Aditi’s personal experiences and challenges have drawn her to the field of self-improvement. She finds fulfillment in listening to others’ problems and assisting them in finding resolutions. In her free time, she also enjoys cooking and journaling.

About the episode

In the episode, Aditi shares her personal journey and the reasons behind her decision to transition from being a podcast host at LMSL to focusing on rest. She opens up about experiencing burnout and the challenges she faced in maintaining a work-life balance. Aditi’s decision to prioritize rest and take a break from her professional responsibilities is discussed in relation to her well-being and self-care.

They explore the idea that rest and relaxation are not counterproductive but rather essential for maintaining long-term productivity and well-being. They discuss strategies for incorporating rest into daily routines and balancing work and rest.

Aditi explains how burnout manifested for her, including irrational fatigue, difficulty managing responsibilities, and frequent physical illness. Feeling depressed, not wanting to get out of bed, letting housework slide, constant sickness, and feeling lost after work were also among the signs they noticed.

Aditi stresses the challenges of taking time off for rest, including concerns about lost income, lack of family support, career uncertainty, and residual guilt about not working. These factors can make it difficult to prioritize rest, even when it is necessary.

Lu emphasizes the significance of openly discussing burnout to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. By sharing their experiences, they aim to create a more supportive environment and encourage others to seek help when needed.

Aditi recommends scheduling “dead spaces” in their calendars—periods with no planned activities—to allow flexibility in case of exhaustion or unexpected tasks. This approach helps prevent overexertion and allows for self-care when needed.

The conversation delves into the debate between internal and external pressures around productivity. Aditi shares how childhood traumas have influenced present anxiety over “wasting time,” highlighting the need to address deep-rooted issues that contribute to burnout.

Lu mentions the importance of understanding and supporting colleagues who may be experiencing burnout. Instead of criticizing their behavior changes, Lu suggests approaching them with concern for their well-being. This compassionate approach can help create a supportive environment for individuals struggling with burnout.

Aditi concludes the conversation by reiterating that recovering from burnout and prioritizing rest require intentional effort. Changing internalized thought patterns can be challenging but crucial for recovery. Aditi’s journey highlights the importance of self-awareness, self-compassion, and actively working towards a healthier relationship with rest and productivity.

In conclusion

The episode discusses the significance of rest in maintaining overall well-being and addresses the challenges of burnout in today’s fast-paced society. Lu and Aditi emphasize the importance of recognizing the signs of burnout and prioritizing self-care. 

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