Yvette Leech: Creating Shared Meaning — The Key to Lasting Romantic Relationships | Reloscope #52

In this episode, host Marie Stella is joined by Yvette Leech, who is a relationship counselor

Marie Stella collaborates with relationship counselor Yvette Leech to explore the essence of lasting relationships: shared meaning. In this episode, they dive deep into the importance of healthy and open conversations that lay the groundwork for shared meaning, even in the face of challenges.

Meet Yvette Leech

Yvette Leech is the Founder, Managing Director, and Registered Level 2 Counsellor of Oceanside Health & Wellness, an establishment she initiated in March 2021. Born and raised in the picturesque Port Lincoln, South Australia, Yvette is an independent mother to three wonderful children. 

Her purpose is to support, encourage, and empower individuals in their journey towards living authentically and realizing their best lives. Having worked over a decade in the community aged care and disability sector, Yvette brings her genuine regard for assisting diverse clients in achieving personal goals and overcoming personal challenges. 

Yvette’s non-judgemental and empathetic personality creates an empowering and supportive counseling environment. She aims for her clients to feel at ease, understood, and valued. Specifically, Yvette understands the importance of fostering a safe and secure therapeutic alliance and believes that human connection is a crucial element of transformation in the therapeutic process.

About the episode

In this episode, Marie Stella and Yvette explore shared meaning as the cornerstone of enduring relationships. They highlight the role of healthy and open conversations in establishing and reinforcing shared meaning, even when faced with difficulties. 

The conversation delves into the challenges that may arise during these conversations and offers practical guidance on how to navigate them. Listeners seeking expert advice on fortifying their relationships will find this episode enlightening as Marie and Yvette shed light on negotiation and renegotiation in pursuing shared meaning.

In conclusion

Key takeaways from this podcast include understanding that shared meaning is a vital foundation for strong relationships, the significance of regular and honest conversations to establish and maintain shared meaning, and tips for overcoming challenges that may arise during these discussions. 

Marie and Yvette provide valuable insights to help listeners strengthen their relationships and weather life’s storms. They emphasize the importance of negotiation and renegotiation.

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