Vanessa Antonio: Dating Tips and Techniques Based on Science | Reloscope #25

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Vanessa Antonio, the first certified Matchmaker from the Philippines

This episode explores science-based dating tips and techniques, equipping singles with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of relationships and discover meaningful connections. Join Coach Vanessa Antonio as she merges her social sciences and scientific research expertise to offer valuable insights and practical dating advice.

Meet Vanessa Antonio

Vanessa Antonio, a Filipina Science-based Dating Coach and the pioneer US-certified Matchmaker in the Philippines, utilizes her expertise in social sciences and scientific research on love and relationships to offer practical dating advice. By simplifying complex concepts into enjoyable tips, Coach Vee assists singles in enhancing their chances of attracting a partner, securing second dates, and boosting their confidence in social interactions.

Coach Vee is a firm believer in the advantage of comprehending the science of dating, which can greatly benefit individuals in the dating scene. With a Master’s degree in Sociology from De La Salle University-Manila, she runs her own research group and is the visionary behind Singles Events Manila. Through coaching, matchmaking services, social clubs, podcasts, and events, her company has enabled thousands of singles to experience personal growth and expand their networks.

About the episode

In this episode of Reloscope, Vanessa Antonio defines a relationship as one that involves trust, acceptance, and comfort. She states that the definition of a relationship has evolved over time, placing more emphasis on finding love and emotional connection rather than finding security or meeting societal expectations.

According to Coach Vee, science has played an important role in dating, turning it into a skill that can be learned and improved upon. She further explains that such insights assist people in navigating the complexities of dating and cultivating meaningful connections.

Coach Vee tackles the impact of body language and comfort in dating. She also touches upon the stereotype that people from warm countries are happier. Furthermore, although it is merely a stereotype, Coach Vee acknowledges that cold weather can affect mood and serotonin levels.

Coach Vee discusses common misconceptions about dating, including playing hard to get, which some people consider an effective strategy for making someone fall in love with you. She highlights the importance of emotional availability and openness to love while setting boundaries and expecting respect and kindness.

Coach Vee also introduces the concept of the mere exposure effect, which suggests that spending more time with someone increases the possibility of liking them. She encourages maintaining a balance between showing interest and becoming overexposed, whether in person or online.

During the episode, Coach Vee emphasizes the importance of self-valuing, self-care, and self-worth in dating. She also shares strategies for addressing dating conflicts and asserts that conflicts are inevitable but can be managed through effective communication and positive interactions.

Coach Vee emphasizes the importance of differentiating between confidence and ego or narcissism. She also distinguishes between self-love and narcissism.

Towards the end of the episode, Coach Vee encourages people to be generous in their dating experiences. However, she cautions against generosity when dealing with people who are likely to take advantage. Coach Vee also encourages people to ask for guidance from trusted people.

Before moving on to the open mic session, Coach Vee discusses the concept of attunement in relationships. She concludes the episode by stating that people can cultivate attunement and enhance their relationships by being present, attentive, and valuing the little things.

In conclusion

Dating has developed to prioritize emotional connection and love over societal expectations or security. Science also plays a vital role in understanding dating dynamics, such as the influence of body language, mood, weather, and alcohol consumption. Successful dating is guaranteed if people foster self-valuing, set boundaries, practice generosity, and are attuned to their partner’s emotions and experiences.

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