Tristin Chiafullo: Mastering Laundry Room Organization for Optimal Fabric Care | Room by Room #47

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Tristin Chiafullo, a professional home organizer

Many individuals are grappling with the challenge of efficiently managing their living spaces, particularly when it involves organizing their laundry areas to ensure optimal fabric care. Tristin Chiafullo offers valuable insights into intentional product selections, sorting methods, and consumer behaviors, guiding them to establish a well-ordered and fabric-conscious laundry environment.

Meet Tristin Chiafullo

Tristin Chiafullo, originally from New Castle, PA, has experienced multiple out-of-state moves in the past two decades, shaping her perspective on the organization and creating a peaceful living environment. She believes that order fosters peace and focus, which are her primary values. This principle guides her work with clients, ensuring that the spaces she designs not only reflect their chosen lifestyle but also remain sustainable over time. 

About the episode

The episode focuses on laundry room organization. Tristin Chiafullo discusses how important it is to create an environment that reflects the people living in it and allows them to pursue their passions outside the home while maintaining peace and functionality.

Tristin explains the connection between laundry room organization and fabric care, emphasizing the importance of having an organized laundry room to facilitate proper garment care. She discusses the sorting process for laundry, recommending separate bins for lights, darks, towels, and bedding, and the importance of washing towels separately

Here are some suggestions for maintaining and properly caring for your laundry. Lavender essential oil, known for its calming effect, is used on sheets and towels to impart a pleasant scent, with therapeutic grade and 100% pure organic oils being recommended. Baking soda brightens clothes and keeps them fresh when added directly to the washing machine. White distilled vinegar can be added to the fabric softener or bleach compartment, softens clothes, and adds fragrance when used alongside essential oils.

Dryer sheets are effective for softening clothes, removing wrinkles, and reducing static cling, though noted as unnecessary for towels due to their lack of static. Detergent, stored with other laundry-related items, is essential for washing clothes. Fabric softener sheets are discouraged from being used with towels because they tend to leave a water-repelling residue.

Overall, Tristin encourages using natural and minimalistic products to maintain clothes effectively and efficiently while avoiding unnecessary additives and toxins. Tristin also shares tips for storing laundry, such as using a basket for detergent and having a designated space for hangers and other laundry essentials to streamline the process. Employing appropriate hangers and bins tailored to different clothing types minimizes damage and preserves organization. 

She also advocates for intentional consumer habits, like declining unnecessary gifts, to foster an organized home focused on experiences and essential items.

In conclusion

Tristin Chiafullo, a professional home organizer, shares insights on the importance of organizing the laundry room for both functionality and garment care. Tristin provides tips for storing laundry, such as designated spaces for hangers, and explains laundry symbols. Overall, Tristin promotes intentional consumer habits and an organized home focused on essential items and experiences.

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