Tia Harmer: Division of Labor | All Together #8

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Tia Harmer, the host of the Personal Productivity podcast, Work in Progress.

Balancing work and family life can be challenging and overwhelming for working adults. So, finding the right balance between work and your personal life is essential, whether you’re living alone or with family. 

Meet Tia Harmer

Tia Harmer is the host of the Personal Productivity Podcast: Work in Progress. Currently, she is studying Bachelor of Arts and Law in Melbourne, Australia. Alongside her current degree, she has also completed an internship at Channel 7. On top of that, she also has experience in the legal field, specializing in Migration and Human Rights Law.

About the episode

The episode started when host Dina Sargeant was joined by her colleague, Tia, and she discussed the definition of family. According to her, a family can go beyond the traditional nuclear family and include people with whom one has a deep bond. It is not solely based on genetics but also love and connection. The concept of family has evolved over time to include various types of relationships and is now more flexible and inclusive.

Regarding work-life balance, they discussed the challenges they face in maintaining a balance between work and personal life. Also, they mentioned the difficulty of saying ‘no’ and setting boundaries, as well as the tendency to prioritize work over personal time.

Moreover, they also talked about the importance of having routines and being present at the moment to achieve a better balance. According to Tia, freelancing adds an additional layer of complexity to maintaining work-life balance, as setting working hours and separating work from personal life becomes more challenging. 

They also mentioned the pros and cons of freelancing, including flexibility and the ability to work from different locations, but also the constant availability and the need to consciously decide when to be off work.

In conclusion

Achieving a balance between work and family is important to a professional’s career success and overall well-being. And though one will struggle in the process of balancing work and family life, there are practical ways to manage it.

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