Thomas Edwards Jr.: How to Have an Overall Better Outlook and Attitude on Life | Work in Progress #12

In this episode, host Tia Harmer is joined by Thomas Edwards, who is a true master of maximizing life satisfaction.

Dive into the inquiry of why certain individuals effortlessly radiate positivity while others grapple with negativity. Prepare yourself for a transformative journey as you discover the keys to elevating your mindset and harnessing the tremendous power of positivity!

Meet Thomas Edwards Jr.

Thomas Edwards Jr. is a visionary who has revolutionized the pursuit of fulfillment by infusing it with a playful and game-like approach. As the author of the highly anticipated book, The 1up Effect, he has garnered extensive experience working with professionals, athletes, executives, leaders, and businesses, guiding them to elevate their purpose, joy, passion, and accomplishments. 

Thomas’s expertise as a former professional wingman has earned him recognition from various renowned media outlets such as Men’s Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, MTV, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show, among others. When he’s not competing in Tekken 7 tournaments, you can find Thomas enjoying a refreshing swim in the pool or embracing his role as a dedicated father to his delightful four-year-old daughter, proudly embracing the title of #girldad.

About the episode

In the episode, Thomas shared his journey and the secrets behind his success, expanding his expertise from coaching singles to various areas like communication, relationships, and marriage. He explored the power of a positive attitude and how it can boost productivity and transform lives. 

Thomas highlighted gamification as a tool for personal growth, unlocking hidden potential in areas such as communication, relationships, and goal achievement. He addressed media comparisons to the movie Hitch, establishing his unique identity and grounded principles. 

The episode concluded with Tia asking Thomas personal questions, revealing his recent literary inspiration in Prophet First by Mike Michalowitz, a book on financial management for entrepreneurs. Thomas’s responses showcased his expertise and passion for personal growth.

In conclusion

Attitude encompasses both thoughts and emotions, which eventually translate into actions. A pessimistic attitude originates from negative thoughts and intense emotions, leading to unproductive and harmful conduct. Conversely, a positive attitude emerges from optimistic thoughts and uplifting emotions, culminating in proactive and fruitful behavior.

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