Teresa Kmak: Difficulties of Toilet Training and How to Overcome Them | Raising Parents #19

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Teresa Kmak, the owner and founder of Beloved Baby Consulting LLC, which offers virtual potty training and newborn sleep consulting services

Toilet training is a significant developmental milestone for children, marking their transition from diapers to using the toilet. Join Dina Sargeant and Teresa Kmak as they explore the connection between toilet training and parenting, offering valuable advice and strategies for successfully navigating this process.

Meet Teresa Kmak

Teresa Kmak is the Illinois Early Intervention Program’s certified infant and toddler developmental therapist. Over the last couple of years, she has expanded her expertise in early childhood by being certified as a potty training consultant,  newborn sleep consultant, pediatric sleep consultant, and baby sign language educator. 

In 2021, she started her own business, Beloved Baby Consulting LLC, and she is currently offering potty training and newborn sleep consulting services. 

About the episode

In this episode of Raising Parents, Teresa Kmak defines parenting as a journey towards being the best version of yourself for your child. She also necessitates being emotionally and physically present for the child, creating a loving and respectful environment that positively impacts the child’s behavior outside the family setting. 

Teresa moves on to the challenges faced by new parents in setting boundaries with their children. She highlights that parents who are people pleasers at first struggle to establish a routine for their children. However, she asserts that maintaining firm boundaries is essential for a child’s well-being and growth.

According to Teresa, toilet training is a three-step process: a slow introduction to potty training, full commitment to the routine, and consistency. She relates toilet training to proper parenting. Teresa states that the ideal age for toilet training varies, highlighting that readiness signs are more crucial than the actual age.

Teresa introduces a number of steps to promote readiness. She also mentions a number of obstacles faced by parents in the process of potty training their children. Moreover, she shed light on toilet training for children of different genders. 

Teresa promotes gentle parenting by being patient and open-minded with children during toilet training. She also suggests being open to researching different parenting styles and taking what works best for each parent, highlighting the importance of customization and being receptive to different advice and perspectives. 

In conclusion

This episode explores the importance of positive parenting, discussing the challenges faced by new parents in setting boundaries and the significance of firm parenting choices for a child’s well-being. It also provides insights into toilet training, highlighting the need for readiness, exposure, and consistency. It sheds light on the importance of creating a nurturing and respectful environment for children’s growth and development.

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