Tassos Kotzias: Self-Esteem and Workplace Productivity | Work in Progress #38

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Tassos Kotzias, who is a seasoned Women's Empowerment Coach

In this episode, Joahanna Wickramaratne and Tassos Kotzias discuss the importance of promoting female empowerment in the workplace. Tassos explains how to elevate self-esteem and enhance productivity to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.

Meet Tassos Kotzias

Tassos Kotzias is an experienced professional with over 25 years of expertise in senior corporate roles and high-stress entrepreneurial environments. Throughout his journey, Tassos has encountered various types of bosses, including insecure male managers who exploited their colleagues’ perceived weaknesses and personal issues. 

Interestingly, Tassos noticed that female colleagues often approached him, seeking guidance to overcome feelings of low self-confidence and self-esteem and fear of constant judgment from male superiors or colleagues. These women were concerned about potential job loss, which could impact their financial independence and work-life-family balance. 

Despite being a male boss or peer, Tassos became a trusted confidant for these women, thanks to his empathetic and respectful approach. He aimed to empower these colleagues by treating them with the same respect they would offer their families. 

Inspired by these experiences and driven by a passion for holistic coaching, Tassos made it his mission to help individuals facing similar stressful situations at work and home. To achieve this, he created the HEART© Coaching methodology, which focuses on holistic empowerment, acceptance, resilience, and transformation. Tassos’ ultimate goal is to assist others in achieving lasting transformation, balance, and harmony in their lives.

About the episode

In this episode, Tassos Kotzias discusses the importance of promoting female empowerment in the workplace and its positive impact on productivity. He provides practical strategies for elevating self-esteem, particularly in demanding and stressful work environments that many women face. 

Tassos emphasizes a holistic coaching approach to conquer self-doubt and self-criticism, offering valuable advice on managing workplace criticism and setbacks without compromising self-esteem or productivity. 

The episode includes a personal coaching session with the host, demonstrating how holistic coaching can unlock potential and address internal struggles for enhanced productivity. 

Join this transformative journey to unlock the secrets of self-esteem and professional success. Gain the tools to confidently navigate the intricacies of self-esteem and improve your professional and personal life. Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge productivity and well-being.

In conclusion

Tassos Kotzias emphasizes the significance of empowering women in the workplace and provides actionable strategies to boost self-esteem and productivity. Key takeaways include treating colleagues with empathy and respect, utilizing holistic coaching to overcome self-doubt, and effectively managing workplace challenges.

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