Tarek Moubayed: Navigating Housing Styles for Your Dream Home | Room by Room #40

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Tarek Moubayed, an architect born and raised in Lebanon

Explore different housing styles, influencing factors, and the impact of style on living. Also, learn how to conduct practical maintenance, cleaning, and upgrades, and how to look for researching incentives and financing options before renovations.

Meet Tarek Moubayed

Tarek Moubayed is an architect who was born and raised in Lebanon. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2021 and later moved to the United States. Tarek pursued a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Houston, College of Architecture and Design. He is known for his interest in the relationships between socio-economics and architecture. Tarek currently works at AECOM, a global infrastructure consulting firm. 

About the episode

In this episode, Tarek discusses various housing styles, such as single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments, and how they influence people’s lifestyles. He revealed factors influencing housing styles, such as climate, material availability, and trends.

Throughout the episode, Tarek provides practical recommendations for individuals considering different housing styles.

According to him, single-family homes offer privacy and the allure of a personal garden, but Tarek raises the question of their long-term sustainability due to urban sprawl. He encourages listeners to consider the environmental implications of single-family homes while appreciating their advantages.

Tarek also highlights the growing popularity of townhomes as an affordable alternative to both apartments and single-family homes. These homes provide ownership benefits and can be an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between affordability and space.

He says that condos fall between apartments and townhomes. They offer a unique blend of ownership benefits and shared amenities. However, he also acknowledges that while some individuals may appreciate condos’ convenience and community aspects, others might have reservations about sharing walls and facilities with neighbors.

In his opinion, apartments are ideal for temporary living situations. It offers flexibility and convenience. However, Tarek reminds the listeners that apartments have limitations such as rules and periodic rent increases, which should be carefully considered.

In addition to discussing housing styles, Tarek provides valuable tips for those looking to style a house for selling or buying. Here are some of his expert suggestions:

  • Keep the house clean and tidy. Potential buyers don’t want to see a messy, unorganized home. Clean lines and open spaces make a home appealing. 
  • Conduct minor improvements. Minor upgrades and improvements boost equity and curb appeal. These are things like fresh paint, lighting fixtures, landscaping/yard work. Budget appropriately. 
  • Update the house. Update fixtures, appliances, and hardware if they look dated or worn out. Buyers expect a certain level of modernity. LED lights are cheaper to run too.
  • Declutter. Declutter and minimize personal items. Buyers want to visualize their own belongings, not see someone else’s photos and knickknacks. 
  • Use neutral colors. Neutral colors are usually best for walls, floors, countertops etc. They allow buyers to imagine their own style. Too much color risks turning people off.
  • Stage furniture properly. Consider staging with furniture. An empty home can look unfinished. Staging provides a sense of how the space could be used. 
  • Curb appeal matters. Ensure the exterior—roof, siding, windows—looks clean, maintained, and in good repair from the street. 
  • Do research. Research the neighborhood trends and market comps. Price accordingly and competitively versus similar homes recently sold.
  • Hide flaws. Hide any flaws or repairs needed. Buyers may lower offers to account for future work. Better to disclose and negotiate upfront.

In conclusion

In this episode, Tarek takes listeners on an insightful journey through housing styles, from single-family homes to condos. He explores the factors that influence people’s choices and the impact these styles have on people’s lives. Whether selling or buying, his expert tips on styling a house will help you create an appealing and inviting environment.

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