Steuart Snooks: Organizing Email to Escalate Self-productivity | Work in Progress #5

In this episode, host Tia Hamer is joined by Steuart Snooks, a Melbourne-based Email and Workplace Productivity Expert with 25 years of experience.

How much time do you spend checking email at work? Some people spend hours copying, forwarding, sorting, and responding to emails daily. This episode will help you organize your emails to increase your productivity.

Meet Steuart Snooks

Steuart Snooks is a Melbourne-based Email and Workplace Productivity Expert. He works with senior executives, their EAs, and support teams around the world who are overloaded with email.

He has over 25 years of experience researching and developing practical, affordable solutions to the relentless demands of email and the workload it delivers. 

Steuart delivers fast-paced, information-rich, and highly practical presentations (with a touch of humor) that make a real difference to personal and organizational productivity. Additionally, he helps restore email to its rightful place as a powerful tool to leverage workplace and personal productivity.

About the episode

In this episode, Tia Harmer, the host, started the conversation with Steuart when the latter defined productivity. According to him, this would be the ratio of outputs for any given input and how productive it is in the workplace. This is the output of results generated by an individual or by a team, usually over a specific period of time. But, he added, that’s been changing over the years, especially since COVID-19 kicked in.

Steuart explained how email organization influences an individual’s personal productivity. He said that since email is central to one’s working world these days, it has some ripple effects on many things in life and anything else that is happening both at work and outside of the workplace. Some people are now constantly receiving new messages and sorting, prioritizing, and trying to do some of the work they deliver all at the same time. Meanwhile, the human brain is not wired up well for that. 

He also recommended four things to do to organize your emails: either delete them, deal with them straight away, delegate to somebody else, or defer. This will allow you to sort emails by their importance.

In conclusion

To maximize one’s productivity, email organization is essential. Also, there are helpful practices that you can apply if you are struggling with email policies and want to improve email productivity.

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