Stella O’Malley: Bullying – The Perpetrators, Victims, and How to Prevent | Raising Parents #12

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist, public speaker, and parent with many years of experience working in counseling and psychotherapy.

Bullying poses a significant worry for parents, affecting their child’s emotional and mental well-being with consequences. Join the insightful discussion as it explores the profound impact of bullying on children, along with effective strategies to prevent and address this issue. 

Meet Stella O’Malley

Stella O’Malley is a renowned psychotherapist, best-selling author, and public speaker with extensive experience in mental health and well-being. Based in Birr, Co. Offaly, she specializes in counseling parents and young people and has authored successful books like Cotton Wool Kids, Bully-proof Kids, and Fragile.

A prominent figure in Irish media, Stella writes about mental health for various newspapers and appears on national and local media outlets to discuss topics such as mindfulness, resilience, parenting, and workplace conflict resolution. She also delivers public talks and lectures on children’s behavior and mental health for different organizations across Ireland. 

About the episode

The host, Dina Sargeant, initiated a discussion on the subject of bullying and its impact on children. She delved into how being bullied can lead to diminished enthusiasm in social situations and instill a fear of attending school. Dina acknowledged that, as a parent, it’s normal to experience a range of emotions like shock, worry, fear, or defensiveness when it comes to bullying.

To clarify this issue, the host invited Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist and author, for an interview. Before exploring into the topic of bullying, the host asked Stella to explain the role of a psychotherapist and her personal journey toward becoming one. Stella shared that her interest in psychology was fueled by a difficult childhood, and at the age of 30, she attended a counseling and psychotherapy event that solidified her passion for the field.

Before getting into the specifics of bullying, Dina lightened the mood with an icebreaker game with Stella. During the game, she mentions her favorite book, Lying on the Couch by Irvin Yalom, which revolves around the experiences of psychiatrists and their clients.

In conclusion

Bullying is repeated aggression from someone with more power toward another person. Parenting can sometimes be correlated with bullying. There are different types of targets in bullying scenarios: the “classic target” who is gentle and compliant, the “accidental target” due to circumstances, and the “provocative target” who speaks up and may attract negative attention.

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