Stefanie Lui Ten: Parent-Child Communication | Raising Parents #5

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Stefanie Lui Ten, head of Counseling at ParentalEQ.

Parents serve as the first teachers and role models for children. Children learn how to communicate by watching their parents. So if you communicate openly with your child, chances are that your child will, too.

Meet Stefanie Lui Tencis

Stefanie Lui Tencis, the head of Counseling at ParentalEQ and an experienced parent-child counselor with a strong focus on parent-child relationships, trained in a wide range of parenting programs focusing on emotions, behaviors, and relationships. 

About the episode

In this podcast episode hosted by Dina Sargeant, Stefanie explained how crucial the role of parents is. When communication with the child is done well, everything else will flow easier too. On the other hand, communication between parents and children that is ineffective can lead children to think that they are unheard of and misunderstood.

Stefanie also shared that one great way to build relationships with children is by spending quality time with them, such as one-on-one. This will help them overcome problems they encounter and build trust with their parents, as they will feel more comfortable. Parents should always listen to their children so they can feel that their feelings are validated.

Additionally, Stefanie gave advice that parents should think from the other person’s perspective, avoid making assumptions, and communicate at the child’s level so that children can easily understand.

In conclusion

Having good and open communication with children is important; it is the foundation of everything that happens to them.

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