Scott Campbell: Holiday Media Mindfulness — Practical Tips for Productive Use | Work in Progress #42

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Scott W. Campbell, the Constance F. and Arnold C. Pohs Professor of Telecommunication at the University of Michigan and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

The holidays are among the most overwhelming and stressful times for digital media usage, with everybody glued to their devices to communicate, learn, and be entertained. This episode will discuss strategies for managing media exposure during these times.

Meet Scott Campbell. PhD

Dr. Campbell has been a professor at the University of Michigan since 2005. Having worked in the technology industry, his expertise draws from his experience. Dr. Campbell examines mobile and social media’s meanings, purposes, and consequences in everyday life.

About the episode

The discussion began with Dr. Campbell’s expertise on the evolution of mobile media, from the launch of 2G networks to the changes happening in current technologies.

He emphasized the profound impact of mobile devices on everyday life and communication and the importance of understanding and navigating the social consequences of this ever-present technology.

Joanna and Dr. Campbell also touched on the professional and personal aspects of media use, discussing how habits form and their effects on productivity and well-being.

Scott pointed out that the holidays disrupt regular routines, which can be an opportunity to break old habits and form new, healthier ones concerning media use. He suggested that heightened awareness and mindful engagement with media help individuals align their technology use with their actual goals rather than mindlessly consuming content.

He further said that digital technologies can create positive and negative habits, especially during the holidays. The holiday season can be a time to evaluate and adjust one’s media consumption habits.

As the years go by, it’s become increasingly important for you to actively choose how and when to engage with media based on your needs. This begins with being aware of the different dimensions of media consumption and then goes into creating routines and establishing habits.

For example, Dr. Campbell does certain types of work in a cafe nearby. He used the cafe as a space only for that kind of digital work, engaging the spatial dimension of media usage and allowing him to create specific boundaries for his media consumption. This helps him be more productive with his work.

Media consumption is something that has to be consciously regulated. As Dr. Campbell showed, the three steps of awareness, routine creation, and habit formation can help media consumers have healthier patterns even during the holidays.

In conclusion

The holidays can severely affect our media consumption patterns. This episode provides practical and insightful tips on managing media consumption in these times, highlighting the need for mindfulness and intentionality in the use of technology to enhance personal well-being and productivity.

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