Sara Losonci: Elevating Shared Living Through Living Room Organization | Room by Room #53

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Sara Losonci, the creator of Shelfie, an interior organizing service

Are you ready to explore the essential principles for optimizing shared living spaces, considering cultural and social dynamics? Learn how reorganizing the living room can enhance the shared living experience. If your shared living area needs a makeover, be sure to tune in for expert advice that will prove invaluable!

Meet Sara Losonci

Sara Losonci, a Detroit native who has been residing in Manhattan since 2007, conceived Shelfie in 2015 during a late-night crisis in her windowless Manhattan bedroom. Feeling stressed after 8 years in Publishing and Ad Tech, she turned to her passion for decorating and organizing her apartment. 

As she rearranged her bookshelf and furniture, she realized her knack for maximizing space in cramped environments, honed through her experience living in New York City. This epiphany led to the birth of Shelfie, allowing Sara to pursue her passion while helping others declutter their lives. She encourages individuals to welcome Shelfie into their homes and “Treat YoShelf.”

About the episode

In this illuminating episode of Room by Room, Sara Losonci explains the essence of home organization, focusing on shared living spaces like the living room. She stresses the importance of tailored storage solutions to reduce stress and promote independence within the household. Sara emphasizes the need for harmony and ease in shared living environments, advocating for designated places for items to facilitate tidiness and accessibility for all residents.

Sara outlines her approach to working with clients, focusing on the areas causing the most frustration in shared living spaces. She emphasizes understanding usage patterns and accessibility needs to design tailored solutions. Sara emphasizes the importance of simplicity and ease of maintenance in organizing systems to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Sara Losonci advises against buying children-specific furniture for shared living spaces, instead recommending integrating kids’ items into regular adult furniture with built-in storage solutions. She emphasizes the importance of designated storage spaces to keep the living area organized and visually appealing. Sara also highlights the practice of giving everything a designated home to maintain organization and ease of tidying up.

In conclusion

In this episode, Sara Losonci’s insights shed light on the practical strategies for harmonizing shared living spaces. She offers a thoughtful approach to maintaining functionality and aesthetics at home. By advocating for designated storage solutions and thoughtful organization, Sara underscores the importance of creating spaces that are conducive to relaxation and productivity.

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