Sara Bereika, CPO®: Strategies for Storing Decoration and Gift Wrap | Room by Room #42

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Sara Bereika, a certified professional organizer who runs her own professional organizing business

Christmas and the holidays are some of the most joyous occasions of the year, but many simultaneously dread the organizational hassle that comes with them. This episode will help you prepare for the holiday season’s home organization nightmare.

Meet Sara Bereika, CPO

Sara runs her own professional organization company and has helped hundreds of families organize their homes and make their lives easier. She is certified and trained in organizations such as the NAPO and ICD and has been featured in publications such as GQ Magazine and Ladies Home Journal.

About the episode

The episode started with a discussion about Sara’s perspective on home organization. She defined home organization as creating a comfortable space with everything having a specific purpose, reducing the time spent on upkeep. Decorations enhance the festive mood and are valued for their sentimental and aesthetic appeal. Still, many homeowners struggle with how to deal with them once their specific purpose for the season has been fulfilled.

Drawing from her expertise as a professional organizer and passion for home organizing, Sara has a lot of tips for homeowners.

To manage decorations effectively, she recommended using fewer decorations to lessen storage needs, packing decorations methodically to prevent damage, and storing them in labeled containers for easy access.

She suggested storing gift wrap materials in tall, narrow containers or under the bed to prevent damage and keep essentials like ribbons and scissors together. Fragile items should be stored in compartmentalized boxes and lights wrapped around cardboard to avoid tangles.

Lights are one of the most difficult things to store because they’re delicate. Sara suggested wrapping the lights in cardboard sheets and using a filing system before putting them in a storage bin.

Lastly, thoughtful consumption is also important. If you don’t want a cluttered home, assess existing items before purchasing new ones. Be mindful of your goals for storing your decorations and props, and conduct routine decluttering to keep the decoration collection manageable and meaningful.

In conclusion

Post-holiday clean-ups are often stressful for all household members. The strategies discussed in this episode ensure a functional and festive home environment, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable holiday experience.

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