Sally Hart: Wardrobe Chaos? It’s Not You, It’s the Closet! | Room by Room #13

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Sally Hart, who established the Clever Closet Company in 1987 and has enjoyed watching modest walk-in robes expand to magnificent master suites.

Is your freshly laundered clothing left in piles instead of being put away? Do your shoes end up scattered around the shoe rack instead of neatly placed on it?

Meet Sally Hart

In 1987, Sally Hart founded the Clever Closet Company, witnessing small walk-in robes transform into grand master suites over the years. With extensive design expertise and an unwavering dedication to practical space planning, Sally has liberated numerous clients from the hassles of disorganized homes and inefficient spaces. Her commitment to offering functional and stylish storage solutions has earned her numerous awards, showcasing her exceptional talent.

About the episode

In this episode of the “Room by Room” podcast, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Sally Hart, the owner of Clever Closet Company, where they delve into the topic of wardrobe organization. Sally shares her design background and traces the evolution of wardrobes over time. Beyond her professional life, Sally opens up about her hobbies, which include working in her permaculture garden and actively participating in wildlife rescue.

During the conversation, the focus shifts to the world of audiobooks and podcasts, and Sally recommends Matt Bevin’s podcast, which delves into corruption and Russian involvement in the Trump election. The podcast provides valuable insights into Sally’s diverse interests.

Moreover, the interview highlights Sally’s admiration for David Attenborough, her personal role model, and how he has profoundly influenced her appreciation for nature. The discussion also briefly touches on Sally’s efforts to enhance her skills by enrolling in design software courses.

Overall, this engaging video emphasizes the significance of wardrobe organization while offering intriguing glimpses into Sally’s background and passions. The conversation covers various topics, including permaculture gardening, audiobooks, podcasts, and the inspiration drawn from role models.

In conclusion

Effective closet organization is crucial for a tidy wardrobe. Utilize hooks, shelves, and containers for easy access. Optimize space with higher storage options. Consider seasonal clothing storage. A well-organized closet ensures convenience and preservation of our clothes.

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