Rosina McAlpine: Children Body Positivity | Raising Parents #3

In this episode, Dina Sargeant is joined by Dr. Rosina McAlpine, an author, parenting expert, and CEO of Win Win Parenting.

Parents have a strong influence — both positive and negative — in the formation of their child’s body image. In this podcast episode, Dr. Rosina McAlpine shared some ways parents can develop a positive body image for their children.

Meet Rosina McAlpine

Dr. Rosina is an author, parenting expert, and CEO of Win Win Parenting. Win Win Parenting delivers workplace parenting education programs to support busy working parents to effectively navigate work and family life for success at home and at work. Parents learn practical strategies to manage day-to-day parenting challenges like struggles with screen time, emotional outbursts, and keeping calm even in the most volatile situations.

Also, Dr. Rosina appears regularly in the media, and her practical evidence-based parenting programs reach parents, carers, and educators working across a variety of organizations in Australia and internationally.

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Dina and Dr. Rosina talked about child positivity. The conversation started when Rosina shared her personal experience with body positivity.

According to Dr. Rosina, when you catch yourself expressing something negative, stop and think positively as an exercise to improve body positivity. Do not allow yourself to have a negative mindset because it will be hard to make a positive change. And that it is essential to instill good habits for healthy mental and physical health.

Also, Dr. Rosina emphasized that parents need to help their children to be more self-referenced, not too busy praising their children and make their confidence depend on external praise, but coming from themselves instead.

In conclusion

Parents should build a strong foundation with their children because it has a great impact on their self-esteem. And it must be recognized that health and happiness do not depend on compliments but rather on how children feel about themselves.

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