Rhea Dempsey: What Matters to a Family During Childbirth? | All Together #27

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Rhea Dempsey who is a seasoned childbirth educator and counselor with over thirty years of experience

Childbirth is a highly significant and deeply emotional event in any family, but the modern childbirth system doesn’t do enough to prepare – and maybe even undermine – mothers for the experience. This podcast will shed light on critical aspects of childbirth that expectant families must know.

Meet Rhea Dempsey

Rhea Dempsey has dedicated her career to empowering women during childbirth. A seasoned childbirth educator and counselor, Rhea has assisted and eased over a thousand births in both hospital and home settings. She strives to counter the rising trend of unnecessary medical interventions in birthing through birth preparation workshops, prenatal classes, and counseling sessions.

About the episode

Host Dina Sargeant and guest Rhea Dempsey open up with the definition of a family. Rhea noted how the definition of family has shifted over the years, specifically how the roles of each family member have changed.

She then relates this to the expectations aligned during childbirth in a contemporary social context, discussing how these shifts are affecting the ways that new families navigate this situation and the challenges associated with it.

In relation, they also talked about the most common concerns and fears that families express during the childbirth process. Rhea cited lifestyle changes, physical health, and relationship dynamics as the most common topics that new families are concerned about.

Drawing from her decades of experience, Rhea Dempsey then shares tips and strategies for preparing for pregnancy, navigating fears, designing the birthing process, and healthy practices and habits for pregnancy preparation.

They discuss the role of a childbirth educator, and childbirth intervention in general, in helping couples navigate these tumultuous yet exciting times.

In conclusion

For expectant families who are only entering into the world of childbirth, there’s no such thing as “too ready.” Sifting harmful information from true and helpful education can significantly impact the childbirth experience for the better, and that is what Dina and Rhea delivered in this episode.

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