Prof. Piyush Tiwari: Role of Housing and Property in Well-Being After Disasters | On the House #34

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Prof. Piyush Tiwari, an internationally renowned expert in real estate markets

In the episode, the host, Gabriella Joustra, introduces the topic of the role of housing and land for well-being in households affected by disasters. Professor Piyush Tiwari shares his expertise in the field of property and discusses the significance of housing in contributing to the overall well-being of individuals and communities, particularly in the aftermath of disasters.

Meet Prof. Piyush Tiwari

Professor Piyush Tiwari is a highly esteemed expert in real estate markets. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas such as housing and well-being, mortgage markets, post-disaster reconstruction, sustainability, and the socio-economic impact of coal mine closures. With his extensive research and teaching background, he has authored over 12 books and published over 150 research papers on these topics.

Prof. Piyush is recognized internationally for his expertise and has made significant contributions to the field of real estate. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a Fellow of the Association of Property and Development in India (APDI), and a Fellow of the Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES).

About the episode

Professor Piyush provides insights based on his extensive academic career and international experiences. He mentions that his research initially focused on housing affordability and mortgage markets. Recently, he shifted his focus to examining how housing contributes to household well-being.

Professor Piyush emphasizes that housing should be viewed beyond its value as an asset. He highlights the importance of considering its impact on well-being, especially in the context of adverse events such as disasters.

The conversation touches on various disasters, including floods in India, the 2011 Japanese earthquake/tsunami and nuclear disaster, and bushfires in Australia. They discuss the challenges faced by households after such events, including the loss of housing, difficulties with relocation, and disruption of community and social connections.

He highlights the reconstruction efforts, with an emphasis on rebuilding not just physical assets but also the dimensions of well-being that were affected. Professor Piyush suggests that community consultation should be integral to the reconstruction process.

The episode also addresses broader challenges in the housing sector, such as rising mortgage and rent costs and housing affordability issues. Professor Piyush recommends stress-testing household finances to assess the ability to manage mortgage repayments if a 3% interest rate rises. 

Providing opportunities for housing choice and autonomy in relocation decisions enhances well-being. Renting should be recognized as a suitable housing option if it meets key well-being dimensions.

In conclusion

The podcast episode featuring Professor Piyush Tiwari delves into the role of housing and property in promoting well-being, particularly in the context of disasters. The episode emphasizes the need to go beyond viewing housing solely as an asset and instead consider its impact on various dimensions of well-being, including safety, health, social connections, and community resilience.

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