Patricia Lee: Creating Comfortable Temporary Living Space That Feel Like Yours | Room by Room #36

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Patricia Lee, who is a professional home organizer and co-founder of Tailorly Home, a home organization and design company located in the San Francisco Bay Area

In this episode, Patricia talks about the concept of creating comfortable temporary living spaces that feel like home during short periods. The conversation also covers defining temporary housing, applying home organization principles, and bringing personal items to personalize the space and make it feel lived in.

Meet Patricia Lee

Patricia’s upbringing in both New York and Hong Kong has shaped her diverse perspectives on design and organization. She holds degrees in Architecture from UC Berkeley and Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from the University of Michigan. Patricia’s career journey involved serving as an ergonomics program manager for a prominent Silicon Valley high-tech company and later as an ergonomics consultant, where she developed and managed programs for numerous Bay Area companies. 

Patricia and Jeanne Taylor are the co-founders of Tailorly Home, a reputable home organization and design company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As professional National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO) members, they uphold high standards and continually enhance their expertise in the field. They are also certified interior decorators and affiliated with the Alameda Board of Realtors. In addition to her work at Tailorly Home, Patricia is a skilled writer for Houzz Magazine.

About the episode

The episode focuses on creating comfortable temporary living spaces that feel like home in various situations, such as dorm rooms, home remodels, or job relocations. When moving to a temporary space, Patricia advises bringing only essential items needed for daily tasks, such as work, kitchen supplies, and clothes. She suggests avoiding bringing excess items that might clutter the space unnecessarily. To make the temporary living space feel more like home, Patricia suggests adding personal touches such as pillows, blankets, small plants, and framed photos. 

Here are the key suggestions from the podcast episode regarding creating comfortable temporary living spaces:

  • Organize items: When packing for a temporary move, categorize your belongings into two groups: items you’ll use daily and those you won’t. It will help you prioritize what to pack and what to store.
  • Consider laundry availability: Take into account the availability of laundry facilities when deciding how many clothes to bring. This will help you pack an appropriate amount without overcrowding your temporary space.
  • Holiday decor for long-term stays: If you’ll be staying in temporary housing for an extended period, consider doing full holiday decorations to create a comfortable environment, especially for children.
  • Pre-pack and label: Pack items into labeled boxes beforehand, categorizing them to make it easier to find things later. Creating an inventory spreadsheet can also help you keep track of your belongings.
  • Establish routine: Make the new space feel like home by establishing a routine and focusing on your work and responsibilities there. Creating a sense of normalcy can contribute to a more comfortable living situation.
  • Personal space organization: In a shared home, allow each partner to organize their own space according to their preferences. This compromise can help maintain a sense of individuality and harmony.
  • Start decluttering early: Begin decluttering projects well in advance, particularly during breaks or vacations, to avoid procrastination and ensure a smoother transition.

In conclusion

The podcast episode offers practical insights on organizing a move into temporary housing and adding personal touches to make the space feel like home. Patricia emphasizes pre-planning, packing categories, decluttering, and setting up the space to support daily activities. 

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