Patricia Barbarotto: Small Garage for Both Parking and Storage | Room by Room #12

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Patricia Barbarotto, a professional organizer and declutter expert from Sydney, Australia.

Are you constantly maneuvering your car into the garage, hoping you won’t accidentally damage something valuable? Or have you given up altogether and started parking on the street?

Meet Patricia Barbarotto

Patricia Barbarotto is from Brazil and moved to Australia 20 years ago. She initially worked in finance but left to focus on raising her children. During this time, she discovered her passion for organizing and keeping things harmonious at home. 

She enjoyed organizing toys and helping a friend, which eventually led her to pursue courses in the organizing field. Encouraged by friends, she started her own organizing business and is now happily running it. 

About the episode

Discover Patricia’s background and journey into the organizing business as she shares her inspiring story. She dives into her unique perspective on home organization, offering a clear and insightful definition of what it truly means to have an organized home. Patricia also dispels common misconceptions about the art of organization, providing valuable insights that will revolutionize your approach to decluttering.

If you’ve ever struggled with organizing your garage, Patricia’s got you covered. Listen closely as she spills the beans on how to turn your cluttered garage into a well-structured space that you’ll be proud to show off. Learn from others’ mistakes as Patricia discusses the most common blunders people make with their garages and how you can easily avoid them.

Curious about Patricia’s personal practices and habits? She shares her own secrets to maintaining an organized life, offering valuable tips that you can easily implement in your daily routine. In the audience questions segment, Patricia addresses burning inquiries, providing practical solutions to various home organization challenges.

In conclusion

To organize your garage effectively, start by planning the layout before getting shelves or storage solutions. Clear out unused items by selling, donating, or giving them away. Avoid using the garage as a temporary dumping ground, and instead, deal with items as you go. With these tips, you’ll have a functional and tidy garage in no time!

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