Oludoyinmola Ojifinni: Expecting Teamwork — Partnering Through Pregnancy | Raising Parents #49

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Oludoyinmola, a clinician scientist, to discuss the importance of a supportive partner during pregnancy

Embarking on the journey during pregnancy is exciting but can also feel overwhelming. That’s why having support from your partner during pregnancy is so important. In this podcast, Oludoyinmola Ojifinni, a clinician scientist, discusses why partners are vital during this time. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to a happy and healthy journey through parenthood!

Meet Dr. Oludoyinmola Ojifinni

Dr. Oludoyinmola Ojifinni is a clinician scientist dedicated to improving public and population health. Her research focuses on family and reproductive health issues, recognizing the crucial role of families in community well-being. Starting with her undergraduate studies, where she investigated reasons for absenteeism among primary school children in rural Nigeria, Dr. Oludoyinmola’s research has expanded to encompass elder abuse, maternal and child health, and intimate partner violence. 

Her work extends beyond Nigeria, as she is involved in research to expand preconception care services to other African countries. She is particularly passionate about improving access to modern family planning methods and maternal health services and advocating for preconception care services within the Nigerian healthcare system. 

Outside of her professional pursuits, Dr. Oludoyinmola enjoys spending time with her family, often watching the TV show “Young Sheldon” together. She values the wisdom in both the Bible and the Quran and believes in the importance of collective decision-making, a principle instilled in her during her upbringing. 

About the episode

Pregnancy and becoming parents are big deals full of happiness, excitement, and sometimes challenging moments. That’s why having support from your partner during pregnancy is not just a good idea—it’s super important. It can help pregnant moms feel less stressed and make a big difference in their overall feelings.

Dr. Oludoyinmola talks about how cultural ideas and what society expects from partners can affect how they see their roles during pregnancy. For example, in some cultures, men might feel like they have to be tough and not show too much emotion, which can make it hard for them to give the emotional support their pregnant partners need. Dr. Oludoyinmola shares her experiences where this pressure to seem strong can get in the way of partners talking openly and being there for each other.

Talking openly and listening to each other is super important in Dr. Oludoyinmola’s ideas about being parents and partners. She says it’s crucial to understand each other’s points of view and be flexible when dealing with the challenges of raising kids. Being a parent, she believes, is about helping kids grow into their people, not just making them like us. Parents must be ready to change and learn with their kids, accepting that nobody’s perfect.

Having a supportive partner during pregnancy is key. Dr. Oludoyinmola shares stories showing how important it is for partners to be there for each other. From understanding a pregnant partner’s food dislikes to sharing chores at home, partners can make a difference in how pregnancy feels. Flexibility, understanding, and working together are all super important when raising kids and supporting each other during pregnancy.

Dr. Oludoyinmola also discusses the importance of partners sharing responsibilities when they become parents. It’s not just about one person doing everything—it’s about working together to take care of the baby and manage everything else at home. By sharing the load, partners can make becoming parents more manageable and less overwhelming.

In conclusion

Pregnancy is a big adventure requiring teamwork and support between partners. The pregnant mom will be going through a lot, so the partners must be there for each other, talk openly, and work together as a team. By being flexible, understanding, and helping each other, couples can make becoming parents a positive and fulfilling experience.

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