Nina Gbor: The Perils of Overconsumption and Embracing Responsible Practices | Room by Room #41

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Nina Gbor, a sustainable fashion educator, eco stylist, and advocate for clothes swapping, boasting over 12 years of industry experience

Are you ready to revolutionize your style and contribute to a brighter, eco-conscious future? Join Gabriella Joustra as she teams up with renowned sustainable fashion expert Nina Gbor to delve into eco-friendly fashion and mindful practices. Discover innovative storage solutions that, empower you to express your style without succumbing to excessive consumption. 

Meet Nina Gbor

Nina Gbor is an experienced sustainable fashion educator, eco stylist, public speaker, and clothes-swapping specialist with more than 12 years of expertise. Collaborating with various councils, schools, and community organizations throughout Australia, Nina is dedicated to fostering a comprehensive approach to sustainable fashion. She has also contributed as a guest on Season 3 of War On Waste and holds the position of Director for the Circular Economy & Waste program at The Australia Institute.

About the episode

In this empowering episode of Room by Room, Nina defines home organization and its role in creating a serene daily life.

She emphasizes conscious consumption and the dangers of microplastics from synthetic clothing, which can lead to various health issues. She also stresses the need to minimize the use of plastics and adopt more sustainable consumption habits to mitigate these risks.

Nina suggests various ways to minimize plastic use in clothing. She emphasizes how current overproduction leads to excessive waste and advocates for secondhand shopping and hosting clothes-swapping events. She also advocates restyling existing garments for different occasions and exploring sustainable shopping options.

The guest also suggests various ways to repurpose clothes you no longer enjoy wearing and encourages you to express your individuality through clothing choices. She also discusses the importance of buying sustainably and ethically manufactured clothes, warning against greenwashing and emphasizing the need for transparency in brands’ supply chains.

Nina discusses the importance of supporting smaller, sustainable brands and emphasizes the challenges smaller brands face in achieving full sustainability. She also shares her personal practices for managing fashion consumption. Finally, she provides information about organizations that recycle old clothing and shares her contact information for those interested in learning more.

In conclusion

This episode highlights the importance of mindful fashion consumption and supporting sustainable practices. Nina Gbor emphasizes the value of supporting smaller, ethical brands, despite imperfections, and advocates for a shift away from the fast fashion trend cycle. By adopting practices like organizing wardrobes cyclically and participating in clothes swaps, individuals can contribute to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

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