Nicole Mathieson: The Importance of Self-compassion in Relationships | Reloscope #32

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Nicole Mathieson, who is a seasoned counselor, couples therapist, and esteemed author in relationships

Relationship boundaries are a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of healthy connections in a relationship. In this episode, expert Nicole Mathieson delves deep into the significance of these boundaries and self-compassion in fostering and maintaining fulfilling relationships.

Meet Nicole Mathieson

Nicole Mathieson, a seasoned counselor, couples therapist, and esteemed author, has dedicated her career to guiding individuals toward deeper, more fulfilling relationships. With a profound understanding of the complexities that define human connections, Nicole’s work is a testament to her unwavering commitment to fostering love and understanding. Her book, The Beauty Load, shines a light on the destructive beauty standards that often plague individuals, offering them a pathway to self-acceptance and genuine self-love.

As a testament to her unyielding pursuit of knowledge, Nicole recently completed Gabby Bernstein’s transformative course, Compassionate Inquiry, further fortifying her ability to guide individuals toward a life of self-compassion and thriving relationships. To learn more about Nicole’s work and discover the wisdom she has to share, visit her website,, and explore her wealth of knowledge.

About the episode

In the podcast, Nicole Mathieson delves deeply into self-compassion’s pivotal role in fostering healthy and sustainable relationships. She emphasizes that self-compassion is a ‘nice to have’ quality that is crucial for emotional well-being and relational harmony. Nicole stresses how self-compassion sets the stage for self-esteem and authentic communication.

Moreover, Nicole navigates the intricate territory of setting boundaries in relationships. She clearly connects self-compassion to the ability to establish healthy limits. She emphasizes that self-compassion provides the inner strength to advocate for one’s needs, fostering a balance between giving and receiving in relationships.

Nicole’s emphasis on self-care is a refreshing perspective in a world often centered around the external validation of relationships. She encourages you to prioritize your well-being in relation to others.

Nicole’s insights are deeply rooted in her personal experiences and professional practice. She effectively bridges the gap between theory and practice by candidly sharing her journey towards self-compassion and how it has enriched her relationships. Nicole’s authentic approach invites you to embark on your journey of self-discovery and compassion, with the promise of healthier and more fulfilling relationships on the horizon.

In conclusion

The quest for fulfilling relationships can be challenging, especially when establishing and respecting relationship boundaries. The delicate balance between self-care and giving to others can easily become imbalanced, sometimes resulting in resentment, exhaustion, and unmet needs. However, by learning how to nurture a compassionate relationship with yourself through this episode, you can better identify and assert your needs within relationships, leading to more authentic and sustainable connections.

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