Nicole Bando: Partner Support in Nurturing a Positive Breastfeeding Journey | Raising Parents #27

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Nicole Bando, Pediatric and Family Dietitian and Lactation Consultant, APD, B.Nutr.Diet., IBCLC, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling), Cert Pediatric Nutrition and Dietetics, who also runs her own private practice

Breastfeeding is traditionally thought of as a mother’s “job,” but partner support also plays an integral role in this intimate bond between mother and baby. This podcast episode will explore the crucial role partners play in ensuring wholesome, balanced, and nutritious breastfeeding.

Meet Nicole Bando

Nicole Bando is a pediatric specialist, family health dietician, and lactation consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Aside from her deep expertise, she utilizes her own experience as a mother of two to inform her interactions with her clients, giving her a unique and empathic understanding of the challenges families face at that phase of their lives.

About the episode

Setting the stage, host Dina Sargeant and guest Nicole Bando discuss how Nicole’s 15 years of experience as a Clinical Dietitian informed her practice on infant and family feeding. They discussed insights about the intersection of nutrition, health, and breastfeeding success, as well as how Nicole’s own experience as a mother helped her relate to clients better.

They then delve into the topic of partner support in breastfeeding. While partners may not be able to physically breastfeed, their emotional support plays a significant role in the process, so Nicole discusses how partners can give this support through various activities.

A major topic of discussion is strategies that partners can use to create a supportive environment for breastfeeding. Important points include learning as much as possible, even during pregnancy, making space for breastfeeding in the first few days post-birth, and being the driving force for the necessary logistics like meals and chores.

Nicole also emphasizes the importance of addressing cultural and societal factors that influence partner support in breastfeeding. Belief systems surrounding breastfeeding can impact parents’ viewpoints surrounding this act, so health workers, educators, and concerned people need to step up to dispel potentially harmful misconceptions.

In conclusion

While breastfeeding is an intimate connection between mother and child, proper and informed partner support creates strong foundations for a budding family.

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