Mike Sawchuk: Common Housekeeping Mistakes and the Proper Way to Clean Your Home | Room by Room #23

In this Podcast, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Mike Sawchuk, a consultant and coach in the professional cleaning industry

Maintaining a neat home may appear to be an ongoing and demanding task. However, there are efficient methods to ensure your home stays clean, whether you’re a busy mother managing various household duties or simply looking to enhance your cleaning abilities.

Meet Mike Sawchuk

Mike Sawchuk is a seasoned consultant and coach in the professional cleaning industry. With over three decades of leadership experience, he has collaborated with companies of all sizes across North America. These collaborations include chemical manufacturers, distributors of janitorial and sanitation supplies, commercial cleaning enterprises, in-house cleaning operations, and industry certification organizations. On top of his MBA, Mike is a graduate of the U.L. University Lean Sigma Green Belt program and holds certifications like Cleaning Industry Management Standard-ISSA Certified Expert and GBAC Trusted Advisor.

About the episode

In this podcast episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra, Mike sheds light on the importance of maintaining indoor air quality. He delves into the significance of clean floors and high-quality vacuums with genuine HEPA filters. Mike advises against using aerosols, sprayers, and candles due to their potential negative impact on indoor air quality, including asthma triggers and sensitivities. Instead, he recommends identifying and addressing the root causes of odors for a consistently fresh-scented home.

Mike also discusses the topic of disinfection. He emphasizes the need to carefully read disinfectant labels and opt for food-grade sanitizers, which are safer and budget-friendly. It’s essential to understand that disinfectants have limitations and might not eradicate all pathogens, underscoring the significance of their proper usage.

Furthermore, Mike Sawchuk highlights the necessity of adapting cleaning methods based on the perceived level of threat and contamination risk. He stresses that cleaning goes beyond just appearances; it’s about removing dirt and pathogens to create a healthier living environment. To achieve this, he suggests utilizing a range of top-notch cleaning equipment, chemicals, and certified Green cleaning products tailored to specific conditions and types of dirt.

Additionally, Mike dispels common misconceptions about cleaning. He challenges the effectiveness of bleach as a cleaner and warns against its combination with substances like vinegar, which can be hazardous and even fatal. Mike advocates for relying on proven disinfectants for specific cleaning tasks and cautions against placing too much trust in “natural” products, which may not be as safe as assumed.

In conclusion

Cleaning your home isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about eliminating dirt and pathogens to foster a healthier living environment. Achieving this goal involves utilizing a range of high-quality cleaning tools, chemicals, and certified Green cleaning products suited to specific conditions and types of dirt.

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