Marie Stella Quek: Host Introduction | Reloscope #35

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Marie Stella Quek, the new host of the Relationship Science Labs

The episode features a special guest, Marie Stella Quek, who will take over as the new host. This episode will get to know Marie more personally, from her favorite things to her  experiences.

Meet Marie Stella Quek

Marie Stella is a multitalented individual who has pursued diverse professional interests. She is a distinguished Master’s graduate in Media and has worked in various fields, such as food, travel, interior design, and lifestyle magazines in Singapore and Australia. Marie is also the host of thought-provoking podcasts on personal development and relationships.

She likes to contemplate life and enjoys playing the guitar. In addition to her podcasting work, she is skilled in photography and enjoys capturing the essence of events and people through her lens. 

About the episode

In this episode, the opening banter sets a lighthearted tone as Aditi and Marie Stella bond over their love for cats and discuss their experiences with pets. Marie then shares some personal details during the “Have You Met Marie” interview, including her favorite movie and book and her current podcast obsession. She also reveals her role model, Chef Molly Baz, and admires her relatable cooking style.

Marie Stella opens up about her dating experiences, starting from high school and a long-term relationship that didn’t end well. In her early twenties, she dated different people, some incredible while others horrible. She even mentions her first crush in kindergarten.

The episode takes a turn as Marie shares her dating horror story about a goth guy she dated. She says that despite bonding over mental health issues, he became excessively possessive and pushed for commitment too soon. Marie Stella recounts an incident at a bar where he displayed jealousy and even suggested getting married on their second date. She found his pushiness and inability to respect her boundaries suffocating.

Aditi reflects on what she has learned from the conversation with Marie. She also shares her own dating horror story, where his ex-partner broke up with her shortly after she opened up about her mental health issues. This experience made her hesitant to be vulnerable and share her mental health struggles with future partners.

As the episode progresses, Aditi and Marie Stella discuss the complexities of mental health in relationships and how it can impact future dating experiences. Aditi says it is crucial not to have a mindset of needing to “fix herself” before entering a new relationship. She emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and growth.

The episode concludes with Aditi passing the torch to Marie Stella, expressing excitement for her to share her personal experiences and relate them to the expert advice they have discussed. Aditi bids farewell as the host but mentions that she will continue listening to Marie Stella’s episodes as a listener.

In conclusion

This episode of the “Reloscope” podcast introduces Marie Stella as the new host and provides insights into her background, interests, and dating experiences.  This episode provides a mix of personal anecdotes, relationship insights, and a transition to a new host, setting the stage for future episodes of the podcast. Throughout the episode, Marie shares a dating horror story that sheds light on the importance of respecting boundaries and the negative consequences of rushing into commitment too soon. 

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