Lu Ngo: A Child’s Reflection on Parenting | Raising Parents #16

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Lu Ngo, a self-driven individual who relocated from Hanoi to Melbourne to pursue a master's degree in project management

This episode provides a unique outlook on parenting, shifting the focus to how a child perceives his parents and copes with the different challenges and experiences that take place during childhood.

Join Dina Sargeant and Lu Ngo as they discuss the importance of self-improvement and healing from past experiences to offer healthy parenting. The episode delves deep into the significant impact of different parenting styles on future generations, highlighting how parenting is demanding for both parents and children.

Meet Lu Ngo

Lu Ngo, a determined individual, embarked on a journey from Hanoi to Melbourne to pursue a Master’s Degree in Project Management. With a passion for personal growth and wellbeing, Lu hosts two podcasts, “Doing Well: The Wellbeing Science Insights Podcast” and “Sero Boost: The Happiness Science Insights Podcast.”

Through these shows, Lu explores happiness, resilience, and life management, sharing valuable insights and strategies with listeners. Lu’s dedication to learning and personal development shines through, making her an inspiration to many.

About the episode

In this episode of Raising Parents, Lu Ngo delves deep into the positive and negative experiences she had with her parents, shedding light on the downside of traditional Southeast Asian upbringing. She states that parenting has emotional and personal aspects, which contribute to the complexity of the experience and its impact on parents and children. Lu also emphasizes that cultural factors influence parenting styles.

During the episode, Lu acknowledges the valuable lessons she has learned from her parents’ parenting styles, expressing a desire to carry these values forward in her life. She also emphasizes how her parents managed to maintain a healthy, communicative environment regardless of challenges and suppressed emotions. She also highlights how emotional growth and self-awareness are fundamental for becoming a parent. 

Lu emphasizes how she values quality time with loved ones in spite of the challenges she faces upon attempting to replicate her parents’ routines in a modern world. She advocates the significance of personal growth and self-reflection to ensure healthy, mindful parenting. 

Although finding time for communication can be challenging nowadays, she necessitates making an effort to keep the relationship warm and alive. Lu emphasizes that frequent check-ins influence people’s perception of relationships and communication skills.

In conclusion

This episode explores the impact of different parenting styles, valuing love and support given by parents while also acknowledging the difficulties and emotional struggles they arise. It emphasizes the significance of family bonds, routines, and open emotional communication in shaping the perception of happiness and maintaining well-being.

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