Lisa Hodgson: Decluttering and Organizing the Physical Home Office | Room by Room #19

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Lisa Hodgson, the brilliant mind behind My Curated Life, a Sydney-based home organization and decluttering business

Having a well-organized home office can increase your happiness and boost your productivity. Some people, however, do not feel inclined to organize their surroundings or get rid of their belongings, whether they are digital or physical, as it can become too overwhelming. Therefore, this podcast will teach you the most effective way to have a well-organized home office with Lisa Hodgson.

Meet Lisa Hodgson

Lisa Hodgson’s journey into the realm of organization was motivated by her desire to assist women in effectively managing their careers and homes. With a background in finance and strategy, she understood the challenges many women encountered. This led her to establish My Curated Life, a practical solution platform. Lisa firmly believes that an organized home sets the stage for success in various aspects of one’s life.

About the episode

In this episode, hosted by Gabriella Joustra and the esteemed guest Lisa Hodgson, Lisa highlights the value of simplicity and eliminating unnecessary distractions. These factors contribute to a more productive and less stressful home office.

In her pursuit of an organized workspace, Lisa addresses both the physical and digital clutter. She provides practical advice on decluttering digital devices and choosing apps mindfully to balance productivity and potential diversions. Additionally, she stresses the significance of organizing the physical and digital realms in harmony, reflecting the structured filing system in both spaces.

Lisa also delves into the difficulties of decluttering sentimental items and paperwork, acknowledging that emotional attachments can impede progress. Nevertheless, she offers valuable strategies for making tough decisions and utilizing technology to store essential documents digitally.

For those finding it hard to dedicate time to organizing, Lisa recommends allocating specific time slots and breaking tasks into manageable steps. She underscores the importance of consistently cultivating rituals and habits to maintain an organized environment.

In conclusion

Creating an organized home office, which involves tidying up both digital and physical spaces, can be daunting, especially for those who aren’t naturally inclined toward the organization. However, it’s achievable by taking action now instead of putting it off. This effort can lead to a happier life and substantially boost productivity.

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