Lia Huynh: Confronting Infidelity — Honest Conversations and Pathways to Healing | Reloscope #44

In this episode, host Marie Stella Quek is joined by Lia Huynh, a distinguished licensed marriage and family therapist

Infidelity can shatter the very core of trust and intimacy in a relationship, leaving behind a trail of complexity and pain. However, leaving a relationship that has been built is not always the answer to this challenging time. Thus, Lia Huynh will guide how honest conversations between lovers can begin the healing process of a relationship.

Meet Lia Huynh

Lia Huynh, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in the lively San Francisco Bay Area, brings over twenty years of experience to her practice. Dedicated to fostering solid relationships filled with love and purpose.

Lia’s expertise has garnered attention from prestigious publications such as the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Newsweek. Her insights on mental health and relationships have resonated with many, reflecting her deep commitment to helping individuals, couples, and families thrive.

With a passion for communication and guiding couples through misunderstandings, Lia’s approach to counseling is grounded in empathy and understanding. Beyond her professional pursuits, Lia finds joy in staying active, cooking, baking, and immersing herself in books like “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by Daniel Amen.

As  a devoted mother who balancing her career and family life, Lia cherishes the moments she spends with her husband and two children. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to indulge in podcasts, particularly enjoying Conan O’Brien’s witty banter on “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

Lia embodies a holistic perspective on relationships through her multifaceted approach to counseling and her own experiences as a wife and mother. Her ability to blend professional expertise with personal insights offers hope for those seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of love, communication, and family dynamics.

Lia continues to inspire and empower individuals and couples on their journey toward fulfilling and harmonious relationships with her warmth and wisdom.

About the episode

When it comes to relationships, cheating can be like a storm that can throw everything off balance. In this podcast, Lia is here to help you find your way through the mess and become stronger.

Nowadays, getting married is less common than it used to be. People are busy with work and money, and sometimes, they break their promises to each other. That’s where cheating comes in—it’s like breaking a significant promise in a relationship and making things challenging.

But even when things seem rough, talking honestly can help a lot. Lia says having open conversations is like using a compass to navigate the storm. You and your partner can understand and forgive each other better by talking openly about the hurt and confusion.

Of course, fixing things after cheating can be challenging. It takes both people working hard and being honest. Saying sorry and being truthful are super crucial for building trust again. It also helps to be patient and kind to each other while trying to figure things out.

When things get tough, it’s okay to ask for help. Lia thinks talking to a therapist can be a lifesaver. With the support of friends and a professional, you can feel stronger and more hopeful, even when things seem dark.

And even though cheating can be hard, there’s still hope for the future. Forgiving each other bit by bit can help you and your partner get closer again. It takes time and trust, but it’s possible to find love and connection again after a storm like infidelity.

In conclusion

Dealing with cheating isn’t easy, but it’s possible to heal and grow stronger together. Remember, being honest, talking openly, and showing kindness can help rebuild trust. It’s okay to ask for help when things get tough.

By working through the challenges with patience and forgiveness, you can find your way back to love and connection after the storm of infidelity. If you want to explore this topic further, listen to this episode for profound insights on navigating the complexities of infidelity.

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