Leighann R. Chaffee – Fostering a Positive Relationship with Food | Raising Parents #45

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Leighann R. Chaffee, who is an Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Washington, specializing in neuroscience and psychology

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Leighann R. Chaffee to discuss mindful and enjoyable eating habits, highlighting how culinary experiences can enhance the parent-child bond.

Meet Leighann R. Chaffee

Leighann R. Chaffee is an interdisciplinary educator with expertise in neuroscience and psychology, bridging the gap between the understanding of the mind and the complex evidence from contemporary neuroscience. 

Her teaching and scholarship revolve around the exploration of motivated behaviors, ranging from eating to achievement, and this theme permeates her mentoring, service work, and research program.

Leighann’s focus on motivating student success is evident in her lab, where she guides students through hypothesis-driven inquiry, investigating the biopsychosocial aspects of food choice, including concepts such as reward, self-compassion, and metacognition. 

Outside of her professional endeavors, Leighann cherishes spending quality time outdoors with her daughter Rosie, husband Dan, and their dog Trudy. In her leisure moments, she finds joy in running, reading books, and baking.

About the episode

Leighann explains the topic of introducing children to diverse foods and flavors. Throughout the episode, Leighann shares tips for parents to create joyful moments around every meal. The conversation emphasizes the balance between nutritious choices and occasional indulgences, allowing children to have a positive relationship with food.

The episode features a discussion between Leighann and Dina, where they explore the concept of mindful and enjoyable eating habits. They discuss ways in which parents can promote a love for diverse foods and flavors, while also enhancing the parent-child bond through shared culinary experiences.

Listeners can expect a conversation that provides practical guidance for parents seeking to introduce their children to a variety of nutritious foods. 

In conclusion

Key takeaways from this episode include the significant role parents play in introducing children to diverse foods and flavors, the importance of creating joyful moments around every meal, and striking a balance between nutritious choices and occasional indulgences.

By embracing mindful and enjoyable eating habits, parents can enhance the parent-child bond and set their children on a path towards a lifetime of healthy eating. 

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