Laura Barker, CPCC, ACC: How to be More Effective in Your Job Hunt | Work in Progress #17

In this episode, host Tia Harmer is joined by Laura Barker, CPCC, ACC, a certified career coach

The job hunting process can be challenging for job seekers. Thus, they need to know effective and efficient strategies for attracting companies’ attention and getting the job they want, which Laura Barker will explore in depth.

Meet Laura Barker

Laura Barker is a professional with a diverse background spanning various industries, from local businesses to global corporations. Drawing from her extensive experience in HR and project management, Laura has transitioned into a career coach role. 

Her mission is clear: to facilitate personal transformation and help individuals lead lives filled with purpose, impact, and growth, a concept she terms “living a life fully loved.” One of her core goals is to reshape the HR landscape by infusing it with a human-centric approach, moving away from the cold concept of viewing people as mere “resources.” 

With over two decades of industry knowledge, Laura’s shift from HR to coaching underscores the significance of aligning one’s career with one’s passions and values.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Tia Harmer, Laura dives into the complexities job seekers often face during the daunting job hunt process. She strongly emphasizes the pivotal role of finding a career path that resonates with one’s inner passions and values and cultivating a clear vision of long-term career goals. 

Job seekers can streamline their efforts toward relevant opportunities by unraveling the “why” behind their aspirations and seeking meaning in their work. Laura specifically urges the younger Gen Z job seekers to prioritize companies that share their values. She introduces the concept of B corporations, entities that prioritize people, processes, and the environment.

Laura delivers a treasure trove of practical insights to enhance the job search experience. She advocates for a shift in how resumes are crafted, focusing on accomplishments rather than mere responsibilities and infusing quantifiable achievements. Tailoring each resume to align with the specific job application is a golden rule. Laura also highlights the importance of showcasing transferable skills and passions, which can make an applicant stand out in the eyes of recruiters.

Among the key takeaways is the power of networking as the ultimate route to discovering job opportunities. Laura underscores its significance, as it offers the chance to establish personal connections and gain insights into potential employers. Drawing from her own experiences, she narrates instances of networking leading to valuable job connections. She advises job seekers to cultivate meaningful relationships during their job search journey.

While acknowledging the challenges inherent in job hunting, Laura strongly emphasizes self-care. She shares her practice of “morning pages” – a technique that fosters creativity and clarity. Furthermore, she delves into the role of social media in the job search process. Her guidance encourages job seekers to accurately portray their capabilities on social platforms and view it as just one aspect of the job search journey.

In conclusion

Job hunting is undoubtedly a challenging endeavor. However, if you arm yourself with clarity, authenticity, and self-awareness throughout the process, you can refine your job-hunting skills and maximize your potential to uncover a career path that brings you fulfillment and purpose.

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