Lani Finau: Healthier Holiday Nutrition — Embrace Your Favorite Time of Year | On the House #42

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Lani Finau, an accredited Nutritionist (BHSc), lecturer, guest speaker, and writer

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration—even if you’re watching your health. While the holiday season is notorious for its overindulgent effects, this episode will reveal ways to enjoy the festivities while being health-conscious.

Meet Lani Finau

Lani is a Registered Nutritionist (BHSc), the Sports Nutritionist for the NSW Tonga Netball Association, and a member of the Academic Biosciences Committee for Endeavour College of Natural Health. Her special interest is in teenage and female well-being; thus, she works closely with women of all ages. She also maintains a blog for her website.

About the episode

The episode started with an introduction to Lani’s background and her interest in female health, particularly teenage and adolescent health.

She shared her journey into the field of nutrition, inspired by her experiences with sports and wellness during her adolescence. Drawing from Lani’s experience, she then emphasized that parents or guardians of a household should focus on educating the younger generation to improve future health outcomes.

The main discussion began with the significance of nutrition in daily life. She described nutrition as the foundation of building a healthy body and mind.

Thus, it’s critical to tailor nutritional approaches to individual needs rather than applying a one-size-fits-all solution. She highlights the variability in nutrition based on factors like age, sex, life stage, and health conditions. This holds true whether for clinical treatments or initiatives like diets and watching what you eat.

The conversation shifted to practical tips for managing diet during the holidays.

Lani offered advice for enjoying festive foods without compromising health. She suggests maintaining regular eating patterns, incorporating protein in meals to increase satiety, and being mindful of portion sizes. Lani also discussed strategies for meal planning during the holidays to balance enjoyment with healthy eating.

In addition to dietary tips, Lani talked about the role of physical activity in managing holiday indulgence. She advocated for walking as a simple yet effective exercise that aids digestion and overall health during the festive season.

Throughout the episode, the guest emphasized the importance of balance and enjoying festive traditions while making informed food choices.

In conclusion

Being mindful of holiday-fueled overindulgence doesn’t have to reduce your enjoyment of the festive seasons. You can appreciate the good food and fun company while maintaining your and your household’s health. This episode showed you how.

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