La Vergne Lehmann: Waste Management | On the House #3

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by La Vergne Lehmann who is a Waste and Sustainability Coordinator.

Is waste management a constant problem for your household? Or maybe you’re on a journey to zero waste but don’t seem to know where to get started? Worry no more as in this episode, La Vergne Lehmann, self-proclaimed, Garbage Queen, will talk about easy ways to reduce waste at home, and what to do with the waste you have. 

Meet La Vergne Lehmann

La Vergne Lehmann is the Waste and Sustainability Coordinator at Yarriambiak Shire Council and self-proclaimed Garbage Queen. She has been operating in the waste and recycling sector for over 10 years, working in regional Victoria with councils, businesses, and the community. She is passionate about minimizing our environmental impact by reducing our waste and developing circular economy approaches to product design and development, production, consumption, and rebirth. She also has experience in natural resource management, community engagement, research, communications and media, and tourism. 

La Vergne lives with her family near Dimboola in regional Victoria, Australia, where she enjoys cooking, reading, and collecting art created from recycled products.

About the episode

In the episode, La Vergne explained that she became involved in waste management because everyone must deal with waste. She said that the best way to manage waste is to produce less of it. She gave suggestions like buying food in smaller quantities and sharing it with friends and family. 

The next step is to reuse and recycle. For example, in her own home, she has set up a waste sorting station. This makes sorting recyclables from reusables easier, and she can take a box to the local transfer station without having to re-sort. 

La Vergne also suggests getting the kids involved in setting up the waste sorting station to teach them the importance of waste management and getting crafty with empty egg cartons or milk bottles. 

In conclusion

Learning how to manage your waste will not only help to reduce your impact on the environment but also the impact on your wallet, such as repairing much-loved clothing or borrowing books from the library instead of buying completely new ones. 

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