Kim Anastasiou: Nourishing Insights for a Healthier Food System | On the House #33

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Kim Anastasiou, a dedicated Ph.D. Candidate at Deakin University and a Research Dietitian at CSIRO, Australia's esteemed National Science Agency

The most common mistake people make when preparing meals is not taking nutrition into account, which is pervasive in their health. Kim Anastasiou is here to help you change your mind regarding these bad habits and start noticing nutrition in meal prepping.

Meet Kim Anastasiou

Kim Anastasiou is a research dietitian and Ph.D. candidate at Deakin University, deeply committed to unraveling the complexities of the food system. She has a genuine passion for environmentally sustainable diets and dedicates her work to improving nutritional adequacy and food security.

Currently engaged in public health nutrition research at CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, Kim’s expertise lies in understanding the intricate nexus between health and environmental impacts within our food ecosystem. Operating from South Australia, her influence transcends borders as she collaborates with researchers and youth advocates worldwide, fostering a global perspective on food-related challenges.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Kim is a multifaceted individual with a zest for life. She finds solace in literature, with Sedated by James Davies as her current favorite read, delving into societal perspectives on the mental health crisis. In her leisure time, Kim enjoys the cinematic escape offered by “The Dungeons and Dragons,” surprising herself with its entertainment value. Her podcast of choice, “99 Invisible,” explores mundane aspects of life and delves into critical social justice issues. 

About the episode

In this episode, Kim Anastasiou takes you on a journey through the relationship between nutrition and meal prepping, unveiling ultra-processed foods’ hidden impacts on your health and the environment. As she shares her profound insights, you’ll understand the critical need to grasp the industrialization of the food system and its far-reaching consequences. 

Throughout the conversation, Kim breaks down the different categories of processed foods, offering you a roadmap to navigate the complex nutrition landscape. From unprocessed or minimally processed foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, to ultra-processed counterparts laden with additives and preservatives, she empowers you to make informed decisions about what goes on your plate. 

It’s not just about what you eat—it’s also about the broader implications of your food choices. Kim sheds light on the alarming health risks associated with excessive consumption of ultra-processed foods. From heart disease and diabetes to depression and anxiety, these products can wreak havoc on your health, leading to a myriad of debilitating conditions. 

Moreover, Kim emphasizes the urgent need for diversification in food production and consumption habits, urging you to shift towards local, seasonal produce whenever possible. By reducing your reliance on industrially processed foods and embracing whole, nutrient-rich ingredients, you enhance your health and contribute to a more sustainable food system. Through mindful meal planning and preparation, you can strive towards healthier dietary habits that nourish your body, soul, and the environment.

In conclusion

Nutrition in meal prepping isn’t just about fueling your body—it’s about making choices that resonate with your values and positively impact the world around you. With Kim’s guidance, you’ll gain detailed knowledge and inspiration for your transformative journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future—one plate at a time.

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