Kelli Miller: New Year, New Hope — The Power of Effective Dialogue in Relationships | Reloscope #43

In this episode, host Marie Stella is joined by Kelli Miller, a seasoned psychotherapist who conducts relationship seminars

The arrival of the New Year often prompts reflection and setting new goals, especially within the context of personal relationships. This episode delves into the science behind how effective dialogue can act as a catalyst for thriving relationships.

Meet Kelli Miller

Kelli Miller, LCSW, MSW, is a psychotherapist, best-selling author, and TV/radio host. Kelli is the award-winning author of “Thriving with ADHD: A Workbook for Kids,” which sold over 150,000 copies to date and is translated in multiple languages.

She is a brand ambassador, writer, and relationship host for and Balance By Nature TV. Kelli was a co-host on LA Talk Radio, with over 1 million listeners and 250 guest celebrities and authors, and an expert radio personality for SIRIUS/XM Radio. She was the “Women’s Relationship Expert” on and also the advice columnist for the largest listserv in the country.

Kelli currently conducts seminars on relationships, work/life balance, stress, and other topics. She has been featured on CBS local news as a relationship expert panelist for California State Northridge (CSUN)’s television show, Maddox’s podcast: The Best Debate in the Universe, The Joe Show, Joie de Vivre Summit for Confidence, Self-love, and Inner Peace, and many more outlets.

Kelli was a freelance writer for over 12 magazines and publications, and her expertise has been quoted in various publications, including Oprah Magazine, Authority Magazine, Wellness Magazine, The Georgetown Current, The Northwest Current, Now It’s Your Turn Mom!, and more. Kelli is also an advisor for Cognitive Leap app and a spokesperson for Brillia.

Her latest book, “Love Hacks: Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues,” was published in February 2024 through New World Library.

About the episode

The New Year is a universally recognized checkpoint for individuals and couples alike to evaluate their goals and aspirations. For many, it serves as a moment to reflect on the past year’s journey and set future intentions. Kelli finds the new year is effective for her clients in re-establishing their relationship goals. This moment offers couples a fresh start to check in, reassess their needs, and align their aspirations.

Effective communication is one of the central themes discussed in the podcast. Communication serves as the foundation upon which relationships can grow and flourish. By expressing needs, addressing concerns, and working together, couples can reach their goals. A New Year is a time for renewal and reflection, making it an ideal time for couples to engage in meaningful.

Kelli shared a few practical tips for initiating conversations:

  • Choose the right time and setting: Timing is crucial when addressing sensitive topics. Opt for a moment when both partners are relaxed and receptive to dialogue.
  • Use ‘I’ statements: Approach conversations from a personal perspective to avoid placing blame and to facilitate a more empathetic exchange.
  • Be open and honest: Transparency is key to building trust and understanding in a relationship. Encourage an environment where both partners feel safe expressing their thoughts and feelings.
  • Listen actively: Effective communication is not just about expressing oneself; it’s equally about listening to and understanding your partner’s perspective.

She emphasizes that relationships today may hold more significance than in past decades due to the multitude of distractions in modern life. As such, the intentional effort to connect and communicate with one’s partner is more valuable than ever. She also highlights the necessity of confronting personal and shared challenges head-on, suggesting that the New Year can be a conducive time for addressing past traumas or unresolved issues that may impact the relationship.

The podcast also touches upon the evolving nature of relationships, acknowledging the increasing acceptance and exploration of non-traditional relationship structures. This open-mindedness towards different forms of relationships, such as polyamory or exploring one’s sexuality within a marriage, signifies a broader cultural shift towards inclusivity and personal fulfillment.

In conclusion

New Year is a time for reflection, renewal, and an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between partners. Through effective communication, openness, and a willingness to confront challenges together, couples can navigate the complexities of modern life and nurture fulfilling relationships. Whether following traditional paths or exploring new horizons, the key lies in the dedication to understanding, supporting, and growing alongside one another. 

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