Joyce McGarry: Home Food Preservation | On the House #12

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Joyce McGarry, a retired Food Safety Educator from Michigan State University Extension.

Learn the secrets of safe food preservation to keep your produce fresh and avoid waste! Discover the best methods to make the most of your fruits and veggies.

Meet Joyce McGarry

Joyce McGarry is a dedicated Food Safety Educator who retired from Michigan State University Extension after more than 20 years of service. With a passion for educating consumers on safe food handling, preserving home-cooked meals, and preparing for emergencies, Joyce has authored numerous fact sheets on food safety during crises and the proper methods of canning, drying, and freezing foods.

Her expertise also extends to being a certified instructor and proctor for the essential ServSafe curriculum, mandatory for food service workers and restaurant managers nationwide.

About the episode

In this captivating episode, Joyce shared her wealth of knowledge, offering invaluable insights on how to safely preserve food at home. As you dive into the conversation, you’ll discover her significant involvement with the ServSafe program, a food safety curriculum designed for restaurant managers in the United States.

Throughout the episode, Joyce emphasized the importance of proper food safety practices, enlightening on fundamental aspects like temperature control and personal hygiene in restaurant settings. 

This episode also explored the often misunderstood world of household management as Joyce dispelled misconceptions, challenging the notion that these responsibilities solely rest on mothers or wives. Instead, she encouraged to embrace individualized home management plans that cater to specific needs. 

In conclusion

Food preservation goes beyond mere freshness; it plays a key role in curbing food waste and ensuring the health of your dear ones. It involves a range of methods aimed at safeguarding food from harmful microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts, and spoilage. The ultimate goal is to ensure the continued safety of food, and there are numerous approaches to achieve this.

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