Josh Odmark: Smart Devices Transform Tiny Homes with Air Quality Monitoring | Room by Room #44

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustre is joined by Josh Odmark, who is the co-founder of YourIAQ and creator of IAQ by Sensables

In this episode, Josh Odmark dives into the world of indoor air quality, addressing the 3 dominant monitoring systems and their inner workings. He explores the common pollutants found in living spaces, shedding light on their potential harm and inconveniences. Prepare for a thought-provoking and unexpected episode filled with insights and practical tips.

Meet Josh Odmark 

Joshua Odmark is the co-founder of YourIAQ and creator of IAQ by Sensables, an indoor air quality monitor that measures more than 20 indoor air pollutants. An inventor and full-stack engineer with deep experience in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Josh has co-founded several technology companies, including Pandio and Local Data Exchange. 

He is an experienced engineer and maker with a passion for building data-driven tools that solve everyday problems.

About the episode

Join us as Josh unravels the mysteries behind indoor air quality monitoring systems. He breaks down the 3 types of systems dominating the field, providing a comprehensive understanding of how and why they work. Listeners can expect a detailed exploration of each system’s practical advantages and potential drawbacks, leaving them with valuable insights to consider for their home technology.

Furthermore, Josh dives into the common indoor air quality pollutants that lurk in living spaces. He goes beyond simply identifying these pollutants and delves into the reasons why they can be harmful or inconvenient. It’s a wake-up call for anyone who believed their home was a sanctuary of freshness, highlighting the importance of addressing and improving indoor air quality.

Beyond the science, Josh shares his personal journey into the realm of indoor air quality. Listeners will discover what drew him to this field and gain a glimpse into the complex engineering challenges he tackles. This episode offers a well-rounded conversation that combines scientific insights, practical tips, and a touch of the unexpected.

In conclusion

Key takeaways from this engaging episode include understanding the three dominant types of indoor air quality monitoring systems, insights into common pollutants and their potential harm, and the importance of addressing indoor air quality in living spaces. Josh’s comprehensive overview provides valuable knowledge for those considering upgrading their home tech and improving their air quality.

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